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Cool Down at Capitol Hill’s Best Scoop Shops


After several months of gray skies, chilly winds and rain, the sun has finally made its way back to Seattle. With record high temperatures hitting the city this week, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind: ice cream. Whether you are vegan, seeking out rare flavors, or simply looking for the best scoop this city has to offer, Capitol Hill has you covered. There are several scoop shops at Seattle U’s doorstep, each boasting unique characteristics to suit your ice cream needs.

Kurt Farm Shop

Located just two blocks off campus in Chophouse Row, this small ice cream shop breeds authenticity. The flavors sold here are made locally at Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island and churned at the shop kitchen in Capitol Hill. According to owner Kurt Timmermeister, Kurt Farm Shop stands out among other scoop shops in the area because of the custard base used in the product. Made from Jersey cream and milk, organic cane sugar, and fresh, pastured eggs, this ice cream is nothing if not authentic. Several of the ice cream ingredients are also grown on the farm, strengthening the shop’s focus on local produce.

Differentiating itself from the other shops in the area, Kurt Farm Shop also sells cheese, which is made at Kurtwood Farms with the same milk used in the ice cream base. While it would only be advised to eat the two products together in the Flora’s Cheese ice cream flavor, both the cheese and ice cream are amazing in their own right. The passion that goes into the creation of the ice cream makes the experience all the better. “I really love ice cream, that’s why I do this,” Timmermeister said.

Frankie & Jo’s

The flagship location of Frankie & Jo’s in Capitol Hill is just one block from campus and can always be seen with a line on warm days. This is the best scoop shop to go to if you have dietary restrictions because it’s all vegan. Lactose intolerant? Go to Frankie & Jo’s. Sensitive to gluten? Go to Frankie & Jo’s. Conscious about sustainable living? Go to Frankie & Jo’s. The plant- based flavors are as close to real ice cream as you can get while still being made from pure ingredients.

While difficult to compare to full-blown, dairy-filled ice cream, the flavors are so tasty that they cannot be discounted.

“This is the best fruit ice cream I’ve ever had in my life,” customer Rachel Dunn said, seated at the counter enjoying a scoop of Fruta.

Fruta is one of the current seasonal flavors with ingredients such as papaya, mango, pineapple juice, and lime. On the first Wednesday of each month, Frankie & Jo’s releases three new seasonal flavors. With such rapid turnaround, you’ll never get bored and there is always something new to try.

Additionally, Frankie & Jo’s is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing ice cream shop, so don’t forget to take a picture for your Instagram when you’re there.



Molly Moon’s

Due to its prime location next to Cal Anderson Park, Molly Moon’s is the obvious choice for an afternoon out. With flavors ranging from Melted Chocolate to Earl Grey, there’s one for every mood. The shop has 14 different ice cream flavors at a time, 10 permanent and four seasonal. A majority of the ingredients come from the Pacific Northwest, ensuring that your treat is always fresh. While Molly Moon’s flavors are not as rich as other shops, their customer service is off the charts.

From the second you step into the shop, you feel welcomed. “We bring a sense of community and family to the people who come into the shop. I try and build meaningful connections with our customers and that’s what we all strive to do,” Molly Moon’s employee Phenix Laughlin said. “It’s different than just good customer service–it’s us building connections with people in the community.”

You will always leave Molly Moon’s with a smile on your face, not just because of the ice cream, but also because of how kind the employees are–not to mention they also sell apparel for both you and your dog!

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw is the farthest of the four from campus, but definitely worth the walk. If you love unique flavors, this is the place for you. From Arbequina Olive Oil to Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, the flavors are the most creative of all the shops in Capitol Hill.

“We take other ingredients that wouldn’t usually work inside of ice cream,” employee Reggie Warren said. They’re pushing the boundaries of ice cream and doing it in a way that works.

Despite its status as a national chain, Salt & Straw does not have the feel of a large company because it tailors its flavors to each shop’s location. Salt & Straw uses locally sourced ingredients, so the availability of products in the region determines what flavors are featured. Make sure you stop by to try out all the Seattle-based flavors!

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