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Chloe and Natalie Review Target’s Pride Merch


Just as one can expect rain in spring and vibrant leaves in autumn, they can expect that Target will release a Pride Merch Collection, because queer people love nothing more than major corporations pandering to the LGBTQ+ community in hopes of spiking profits for the month of June. Now listen to us review it.

Natalie: I don’t think I even know where to start with this. What’s the point of a charcuterie board with words on it? Would the words not get covered up with the actual charcuterie? And why this for pride merch? A truly baffling choice in all regards. However, this had to have been made by a gay person. I don’t think anyone straight would have ever come up with this.

Chloe: I feel that this is an item my grandmother would buy thinking it’s a cute, sarcastic addition to her kitchen, unaware that it is part of a pride collection. And my siblings and I would let her think just that. I do think that charcuterie boards are inherently gay, so it makes sense to me that this is pride merch. I kind of like it?


Natalie: This feels like classic Target pride merch. Random piece of clothing with a phrase that says something about being gay. The fact that it’s embroidered with “Tired & Gay” is the only thing that really makes this pride. I think it would’ve been much cuter if the piping and buttons were also rainbow, or something like that. Not my favorite, definitely not for me.

Chloe: I appreciate the understated aspect of this sleep (gown? dress? tunic?). I think it really shows the duality of queer identities: one can be both gay and tired. However, if Target really cared about gay people they would give us more comfortable sleepwear options, like footie pajamas. 


Natalie: I really like this bag. It’s not too over the top, which I think makes it perfect for everyday use. I would definitely be running to Target to buy this if I didn’t already have a similar bag.

Chloe: This is fine. This isn’t really my style but I think for queer hikers and rock climbers this would be great to store trail mix and pretty rocks in. 


Natalie: This set is cute, but kind of boring. We’ve seen the rainbow stripes a million times. I’m sure Target has even done something similar before. Definitely not the worst they’ve ever done though.

Chloe: If someone had a Willy Wonka themed sleepover party I would absolutely show up in this. It makes me think more of a classic swirly lollipop than it does of pride but I kind of like the retro shades they used. Definitely not innovative but should that sleepover opportunity ever arise, I am buying this for sure. 


Natalie: I like that it uses the colors of the trans flag. This is the only piece in the collection that does. I think this one was also made by a gay person, because who else would put mushrooms and crystals on a pride shirt? The words feel a bit pointed and classic corporate pride merch, but it is a good message. I wouldn’t buy it, but it is kinda cute.

Chloe: I would buy this for my middle school-aged family members because it is cute and the kids love mushrooms but it’s too juvenile for my personal taste. Would maybe be nice to wear during morning mirror affirmations. 


Natalie: I know the Target birds are a big thing. I never got it, but I love the choice to make these ones two lesbians living their best lives. This is truly the pride merch we needed. You don’t need rainbows to tell you that these birds are very gay.

Chloe: I love them both dearly. Little lesbian bird ladies. This is what the queer community wants. This is representation. 

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