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About Us

The Spectator is Seattle University’s 80-year-old student newspaper. Our issues hit the stands every Wednesday and our staff works hard to deliver the campus community news that is informed, engaging and reflective of the values of the Seattle U community.


The Spectator is dedicated to informing, entertaining and actively interacting with the Seattle University community. As an organization, our purpose is three-fold:

  • • We work to deliver Seattle U relevant, thorough and intriguing news coverage on a weekly basis
  • • We aim to serve as a spirited community forum open to all
  • • We function as a learning tool and artistic outlet for young student journalists eager to gain experience in the field


The Spectator will be a dynamic public forum that accurately reflects the thoughts, concerns and personalities of Seattle U while also maintaining its unique editorial style and dedication to creativity.



We seek to publish a well-conceived paper of high quality that reflects the artistic vision and craft of every member on staff.


We aim to be a product of campus-wide collaboration—our stories are inspired by the thoughts of students, our changes are fueled by feedback from our readers and the relevance of our paper relies on community participation.


We endeavor to report in a way that is more readable, provocative and creative than today’s average blog post. Whether it’s through engaging visuals, an interactive layout or strong tone, we want to tell stories differently and tell them in the most compelling way possible.


We seek to inform and educate the campus community in issues that may otherwise be left unexplored. In the office, we are dedicated to educating our employees and helping them become responsible student journalists.


We strive to ensure that all students at Seattle U feel they are represented in our coverage and included in our discussions.


We are dedicated to covering issues that examine social injustice and promote equality, diversity, respect and judiciousness.


We encourage our writers to develop their own distinct voices, experiment with style and let their personalities shine through in their stories.

Seattle University's student newspaper since 1933
About Us