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2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Myrea Mora Editor-in-Chief See Myrea Mora’s profile
See Myrea Mora’s profile
Andru Zodrow Managing Editor See Andru Zodrow’s profile
See Andru Zodrow’s profile
Jacqueline Maciel Copy Chief See Jacqueline Maciel’s profile
See Jacqueline Maciel’s profile
Anna Popp News Editor See Anna Popp’s profile
See Anna Popp’s profile
Logan Gilbert News Editor See Logan Gilbert’s profile
See Logan Gilbert’s profile
Emma Jaber Arts & Entertainment Editor See Emma Jaber’s profile
See Emma Jaber’s profile
Augustyna Brestar Sports and Opinion Editor See Augustyna Brestar’s profile
See Augustyna Brestar’s profile
Faye White Photo Editor See Faye White’s profile
See Faye White’s profile
Kim Nucum Lead Designer See Kim Nucum’s profile
See Kim Nucum’s profile
Andrew Mori Designer See Andrew Mori’s profile
See Andrew Mori’s profile
Leon Lee Designer See Leon Lee’s profile
See Leon Lee’s profile
Sierra Noble Social Media Manager See Sierra Noble’s profile
See Sierra Noble’s profile
Megan Bobilin Staff Reporter See Megan Bobilin’s profile
See Megan Bobilin’s profile
Nicole Alejandra Hong Staff Reporter See Nicole Alejandra Hong’s profile
See Nicole Alejandra Hong’s profile
Matt Price Staff Reporter See Matt Price’s profile
See Matt Price’s profile
Nicole Kudyakov Staff Reporter See Nicole Kudyakov’s profile
See Nicole Kudyakov’s profile
Ashley Hagar Staff Reporter See Ashley Hagar’s profile
See Ashley Hagar’s profile
Kennedi Finnes Staff Photographer See Kennedi Finnes’s profile
See Kennedi Finnes’s profile
Jordie Simpson Staff Photographer See Jordie Simpson’s profile
See Jordie Simpson’s profile
Nicole Golba See Nicole Golba’s profile
See Nicole Golba’s profile
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