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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Alec DowningEditor-in-ChiefSee Alec Downing's profile
See Alec Downing's profile
Sofía Muro-WellsManaging EditorSee Sofía Muro-Wells's profile
See Sofía Muro-Wells's profile
Michelle NewblomCopy ChiefSee Michelle Newblom's profile
See Michelle Newblom's profile
Josh MerchantInvestigative EditorSee Josh Merchant's profile
See Josh Merchant's profile
Frances DivinagraciaNews EditorSee Frances Divinagracia's profile
See Frances Divinagracia's profile
Myrea MoraNews EditorSee Myrea Mora's profile
See Myrea Mora's profile
Nicole GolbaSports and Opinion EditorSee Nicole Golba's profile
See Nicole Golba's profile
Jacqueline LewisArts and Entertainment EditorSee Jacqueline Lewis's profile
See Jacqueline Lewis's profile
Elise WangDirector of PhotographySee Elise Wang's profile
See Elise Wang's profile
Michael OlleeDirector of VideographySee Michael Ollee's profile
See Michael Ollee's profile
Joshua LatiefLead DesignerSee Joshua Latief's profile
See Joshua Latief's profile
Josh TzengDesignerSee Josh Tzeng's profile
See Josh Tzeng's profile
Leon LeeDesignerSee Leon Lee's profile
See Leon Lee's profile
Kim NucumDesignerSee Kim Nucum's profile
See Kim Nucum's profile
Logan GilbertStaff ReporterSee Logan Gilbert's profile
See Logan Gilbert's profile
Michaela MooreStaff ReporterSee Michaela Moore's profile
See Michaela Moore's profile
London JonesStaff ReporterSee London Jones's profile
See London Jones's profile
Khuong “Teddy” VoStaff ReporterSee Khuong “Teddy” Vo's profile
See Khuong “Teddy” Vo's profile
Andru ZodrowStaff ReporterSee Andru Zodrow's profile
See Andru Zodrow's profile
Lara McLainStaff ReporterSee Lara McLain's profile
See Lara McLain's profile
Emma JaberStaff ReporterSee Emma Jaber's profile
See Emma Jaber's profile
Jake NelsonStaff PhotographerSee Jake Nelson's profile
See Jake Nelson's profile
Javier PlascenciaStaff PhotographerSee Javier Plascencia's profile
See Javier Plascencia's profile
Megan GaoOnline EditorSee Megan Gao's profile
See Megan Gao's profile
Hana KirchoffDigital Media CoordinatorSee Hana Kirchoff's profile
See Hana Kirchoff's profile
J.P. HillBusiness ManagerSee J.P. Hill's profile
See J.P. Hill's profile
Joshua ScogginAd ManagerSee Joshua Scoggin's profile
See Joshua Scoggin's profile
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