Pumpkins, Puppies and Plenty More



Downtown Dog Lounge hosts its third Barktoberfest for pups and their people.

Arguably one of the best events of the Halloween season, Barktoberfest blessed Seattle once again for the third year in a row.

Downtown Dog Lounge hosted the event, bringing hundreds of pups and their humans to Van Horst Plaza for a spooktacular time. Being the Downtown Dog Lounge’s biggest event of the year, the plaza and surrounding block were reserved exclusively for the event.

With a friend and camera in tow, not emotionally prepared for what was to come, I was on my way to Barktoberfest. Walking into the event was almost impossible because of all the costume-clad dogs strutting around. From a Great Dane dressed as a spider, to a Labrador dressed as an Amazon Echo, there were dogs of all shapes and sizes brought together for a wholesome Halloween party.

The plaza itself was decorated with large inflatable monsters, skeletons, and plenty of dog art. There were tents set up with a variety of things to check out including adoptable dogs through Dogs Gone Seattle  which is a great local no-kill dog rescue organization. Aside from being surrounded by so many pet-able dogs, the best activities included the outdoor photo studio and the Haunted Garden for dogs.


Doggie donuts are just a few of the canine costumes featured at this year’s Barktoberfest.

I checked out the Haunted Garden first because it had a massive 10 foot tall Babadook guarding its entrance. The garden was decorated to look like a haunted cemetary mixed with a dog play pen. I stood in awe watching owners lead their dogs through the dog tube or in front of a haystack to pose for a pic, probably for the ‘gram. At one point the garden was full of dogs causing a ruckus so I went to check out more activities.

The outdoor photo studio included a spooky-themed backdrop in addition to boxes filled with a variety of dog costumes and wigs for owners to choose from. My friend and I watched for a good 20 minutes as dogs got dressed up—some less enthusiastic than the others—to get their photos taken. Notable dog-dress included donuts, hot dogs, a chinese take out box, a lion and a viking pup.

Seattle has more dogs than children, and going to Barktoberfest made that face a reality. Whether you have a dog or not, the annual Barktoberfest is a must see event for all dog lovers. Forget the loud music and rowdy people of every other Halloween parties. Go to a dog party and pet some pooches. You won’t
regret it.

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