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The Scary Truth of Halloween Costume Consumer Culture

The Scary Truth of Halloween Costume Consumer Culture

October 31, 2019

In an effort to pull off the best costumes, people routinely turn to fast fashion and cheap choices to satisfy their costume necessities...

Khanh Doan brings Mina’s character to the front of the stage in “Dracula.”

“Dracula” at the Act Is a Feast for the Living and the Dead Alike

October 30, 2019

It’s the Halloween season, and the ACT Theatre is going all-in with a production of Steven Dietz’s new adaptation of “Dracula.” Dietz, a prolific playwright who has a g...

A crowd of onlookers listens to Jessica Mooney as she reads from her book, “Parting Gifts for Losing Contestants.”

Spooky Lit Crawl Brings Out Hordes of Writers

October 30, 2019

Packed rooms full of patrons occupied coffee shops, bars, bookstores and even glasses shops across Seattle on Thursday night for...

Myers Mahem: Halloween Sequel is an Oldie but a Scary

October 31, 2018

“Halloween” (2018) perfectly incorporates three classic horror movie tactics—jump scares, suspense, and gore—to jolt you...

Pumpkins, Puppies and Plenty More

October 31, 2018

Arguably one of the best events of the Halloween season, Barktoberfest blessed Seattle once again for the third year in a row. Downtown...

Horoscopes: Last-Minute Costumes for the Signs

October 31, 2018

STARS INTERPRETED BY: ASTROPRESENT Aquarius 1/21-2/19 a literal ghost Pisces 2/20-3/20 a scarecrow Aries 3/21-4/20 a w...

Christmas Did It to ‘Em

October 31, 2018

Halloween Culture on College Campuses

October 24, 2018

Halloween now means trick-or-treating, eating candy, carving pumpkins, and sporting costumes on October 31 of each year. However...


Spooky Boo

October 24, 2018

It’s Jack-O-Lit Fam!

October 18, 2018



The Signs as: Halloween Monsters

November 1, 2017

STARS INTERPRETED BY: ASTROGLAM Scorpio 10/23-11/21 A Spiteful Succubus. Sagittarius 11/22-12/21 A Guileless Gorgon. Capr...


Halloween Baseball Game Partners with Dance Marathon

November 1, 2017

The baseball team dressed in Halloween costumes and played an inter-squad game to raise money for Seattle Children’s hospital on M...

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