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Global Warming Today

William McQuilkin, Author

May 8, 2014

With the strange weather Seattlites have been experiencing this year, what with the cold snap back in early winter, the one night of snow and the weird warm but rainy reality of last week, it should come as no surprise that global warming is a fact. Not only this, global warming is affecting the planet’s weather in the present. Several papers...

Two More Saints Go Marching In

Sumedha Majumdar, Author

May 7, 2014

Curious onlookers filled the streets of the Vatican last week to see two popes get canonized. April 27 will be a date to remember—Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII were declared saints by the Catholic Church. “They were popes of the 20th century,” Pope Francis said in his homily in front of an audience of 800,000. Becoming a saint is not an...

Where is Palestine?

Lena Beck, Author

April 10, 2014

“Where is Palestine? Where is Justice?” read a banner behind Max Blumenthal Tuesday night as he spoke about prejudice to the extreme at St. Mark’s Cathedral on Capitol Hill. Blumenthal is the author of “Goliath”, a book about the conflict in Israel-Palestine. The conflict in question has been going on since World War II, when displaced...

Escalator Safety, Please

William McQuilkin, Author

April 10, 2014

According to statistics gathered in the last year, residents of Washington State still haven’t quite figured out how to ride an escalator. You see, a year ago a man was killed by an escalator. Rather, a man was killed while riding an escalator, because he failed to follow certain safety precautions. Since the death, there have been more than sixty...

News Bytes

The Spectator Staff

April 9, 2014

NEW VIRUS PUTS BACON IN DANGER If you’ve been achin’ for some bacon, eat fast. A mysterious virus, new to the United States, has spread through pig farms, killing millions of piglets—destroying, not only the small animals, but also your breakfast plans. Scientists have identified the virus as porcine epidemic diarrhea, which is said to have ...

SGSU Calls for Change Within Catholic Church

Eric Chalmers, Author

March 18, 2014

SGSU is taking a stand against the unjust dismissal of former Eastside Catholic Vice Principal Mark Zmuda through a poignant letter that calls for change within the Catholic Church. The letter was sent to the Eastside Catholic Board of Trustees, Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Pope Francis earlier...

Are Hover Boards Finally Here?

Sheldon Costa, Author

March 5, 2014

Since I was a young boy, hover boards have always been my most immediate image of the future. Next to flying cars and robot maids, nothing seemed more likely to usher in the turn of the century than my own personal flying skateboard. Unfortunately, science and technology in the 21st century have more or less let down my generation in this regard. Sure,...

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill

William McQuilkin, Author

February 28, 2014

After several weeks of intense media coverage in Arizona regarding a controversial Bill that would allow business owners to deny service to LGBTQ folks, the movement was finally shot down. The state’s governor, Jan Brewer of Arizona, a Republican vetoed the aforementioned bill. According to the New York Times, political figures in Washington on...

Too Much Deportation?

Lena Beck, Author

February 28, 2014

Monday’s three hour protest against deportation didn’t prevent buses full of immigrants from driving away. At the federal Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, about 50 people showed up on Monday morning to protest the deportation of many immigrants. The congregation lasted from about 6:30 until 9:30 a.m. The protestors were from an organization...

Take A Bite Out of This Week’s Trending News

Colleen Fontana, Author

February 26, 2014

CITY COUNCIL APPROVES BUS FARE INCREASE The high cost of maintaining a working, accessible transit system is finally taking its toll on Seattle. Seattle City Council voted last week to increase bus fares—Seattle voters will decide on the increase in the April election. If the increase is approved, Metro-users will see a 25-cent fare hike sta...

Students Work To Stay Informed About Syria

Students Work To Stay Informed About Syria

February 26, 2014

This March marks three years of bloody civil war in Syria. The broken bridge between the people and the government has yet to...

The Week’s News Wrap-up: Things to Know

Harrison Bucher, Author

February 19, 2014

Wash. Wins Wing War After several months, Boeing’s newest project is finally set to takeoff. Boeing has announced that it will be unveiling the wings for the 777x, an updated version of the Boeing 777, in Everett, Wash. Originally, the contract to build the wings for the new plane in Washington State was denied back in November, but after...

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