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After the Show: WHIPPED CREAM

Sean Alexander
WHIPPED CREAM performs in Portland during the second half of her world tour.

Music means different things to everyone and we all feel it in an individual way. For those who choose to make it, they all do it for different reasons. I had the opportunity to meet with Caroline Cecil, who goes by the artist name WHIPPED CREAM, and talk about her driving force to create music and her relationship with it.  

WHIPPED CREAM is a DJ hailing from Canada whose first single was released in 2014 and first EP debuted in 2015, which propelled her into performing at countless festivals and shows over the past eight years. 

In May of 2023, she started her first World Tour with a show in Winnipeg and has since traveled all over Canada, The United States, and Taiwan.  

How did you start getting into producing music?

I started producing music after I saw a band called Active Child at the Gorge. That show turned a light on in me and made me wanna try making music.

What’s kept you producing music?

My obsession with music, I love it. Yeah, I freaking love it. It’s like a drug and so that love for music just continues to grow.  

So you saw that band, decided you wanted to try it, and then?

I’ve always been one with music. I grew up as a skater and I skated with music and I think I am music, so it makes sense to me it just feels right.

Describe what you mean by “feeling like you are music.”

To best describe it, when I hear a good song, I feel completely whole and like the most confident being in the world. We’re all energy, and we all tune into different energies.  For me that energy is music and it just makes so much sense. I could have questions or sorrows, and none of the answers, but all the answers are in music. Always. 

With having such a deep connection to music, what are you hoping that your fans, your listeners, what do you want them to experience when they listen to your music?

I want them to experience what they experience. I know that sounds strange, but that’s literally it. And if it can evoke or turn on any kind of new light bulb, whatever it is, if they hate it, love it, or wanna go become a, a cinematographer or artist or anything because the music turned something on, that’s the freaking goal with what I do, to inspire them each uniquely.   

Your music is very diverse from track to track, you pull your inspiration from different places, what propels you to make tracks that sound so different from each other?

I think it’s a lot from my childhood, how I was brought up, and then my experiences in life. A hundred million percent, what I’m going through in my life is what I write about. It’s an outlet. So when you’re doing your soul’s work, it’s your soul. So whatever your soul’s feeling is, what comes out right? It’s definitely my soul’s experience that is what I’m creating. Eternal internal evolution is what I’m doing. 

So you’ve been on a world tour, let’s talk a little bit about that. How’s that been for you?

Man, it’s been amazing. A lot of crazy, crazy stuff has happened behind the scenes that I’ve had to be very strong about. Wow, being on this incredible tour, I feel so resilient right now. I feel like I’ve been fairly tested with certain things while on this tour and with just life. Yeah. And I’m very proud of myself and I’m so excited for the future and I’m so excited for life right now. I think the world tour’s been amazing. I wouldn’t have changed a beat, honestly. I’ve learned so much; even though I wouldn’t have changed anything a lot is about to change.

Any changes you care to talk about?

Mic drop, haha.

WHIPPED CREAM raises her phone light in the air to get the crowd to follow suit. (Photo by Sean Alexander)
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