The Kia Forum is Harry’s House, Radiating Safety and Joy Amongst Fans

From his big break in One Direction to his incredibly successful solo career, Harry Styles has been cherished by adoring fans for the past 12 years. His current world tour, Love On Tour, started in 2021 featuring his sophomore album, “Fine Line,” and continues to this day, featuring his third album, “Harry’s House.” Starting Oct. 23 and continuing through Nov. 15, the Kia Forum is Harry’s new location and brings 18,000 fans together at each show.

I had the privilege of attending my second and third Harry Styles concerts Oct. 28 and Oct. 29. Like the first one I went to, these ones were full of the joy and excitement that ran through the venue, the feeling was palpable among thousands of fans.

The Forum was decorated with plenty of Styles-related photo opts; some of them included song lyrics on the pillars, a “Keep Driving” street sign and a giant “2022 Love on Tour” sign making it easy to capture memories along the way. Gills Sushi, the restaurant featured in Styles’ newest music video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” was also present at the Forum. The venue’s attention to every detail made the concert all the more special. 

Once I got to my seat, the excited energy filled the venue. On big screens, there was a sign encouraging the audience to register to vote. Because of Harry’s advertising for voter registration, 500,000 people have registered to vote, which is a new record for HeadCount, the organization he partnered with to encourage fans to register.

Ben Harper, fellow musician and good friend of Styles, opened the Los Angeles show. One of the songs he performed, “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye, Styles later told the audience is often in his slumber as he dreams of Harper singing it to him. 

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Best Song Ever” and “California Love” were included in Styles’ pre-show playlist and had the whole stadium singing. The last song to play before Harry ascended onto the stage was “Peace Peace,” but it brought anything but peace while the audience was anxiously clamoring to see Styles. 

It was impossible to miss Harry popping up from under the stage as the whole stadium erupted in high pitched screams drowning out the opening song, “Daydream.” This was the moment his famous, glittering outfit was revealed and his joyful energy radiated through the venue. In taupe pants and a matching unzipped jacket with blue, iridescent tassels, he danced his heart out. 

After the first few songs, Styles took a break to read the signs that fans brought in the pit. Also during this time, we sang happy birthday to a special friend, James Corden’s eight year old daughter Carey. Carey had turned eight just the day before and was celebrated by the whole stadium. 

The next half of the concert was a nonstop dance party, sporting Harry’s most upbeat songs. The horns that came on stage made the already charming songs even more dance-worthy. 

By the end of the show, I had experienced the most happiness I have ever felt in my life and cried with people I love. I wholly believe that I will never experience a concert like “Love on Tour” again, especially since I decided to go a second time the following night. 

Hayden Roberts, a senior finance and marketing major at Eastern Washington, and Alina Terry, an Eastern Washington alumnus, attended their first Harry Styles concert Friday, Oct. 28. 

“Every fan we passed was hyping each other up and making it such a welcoming environment. Everyone would wait their turn to take photos in front of things, and would offer to take photos for you in return,” Terry said.

Everyone was so kind and I felt like I was just around a bunch of people I already knew,” Roberts agreed.

Whether you have been a fan of Harry Styles for one year, five years or 12 years, seeing him in concert will be a life-altering experience.