Stocked Up with Talent: Quadstock Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Seattle University held their annual Quadstock this past Saturday and knocked it out of the park once again. This year, the Student Events & Activities Council (SEAC) celebrated their 30th Quadstock.

The day was split into two parts. The Quad hosted outdoor activity booths during the day and the Redhawk Center hosted MAX, Display, Evan Giia, and SEAC’s Battle of the Bands winner The Odd Kids during the nighttime concert.

“We really do care about the student body and what they will enjoy,” SEAC Coordinator Julia Sordello said. “It’s 30 years for Quadstock–that’s a pretty big deal to us.”

The daytime portion got the very best out of the gorgeous, sunny day. Shorts, sunglasses, and sunscreen were prevalent as the prime of the day could be enjoyed under a variety of clubs’ tents.

Free donuts and other goodies were offered at almost every table.

To beat the heat, “Her Campus” offered Frankie and Jo’s ice cream while giving out glittery temporary tattoos. Once sufficiently stylized, students could use meal plan money to get garlic fries and hotdogs from the catered food service. SEAC also provided free cotton candy and soda to complement the event.

The Video Game club hosted Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart games—a great way to spend a couple of minutes in the shade. Club President Leah Arakaki brought a TV monitor and a Nintendo Switch to the Quad. Needless to say, the tent was filled with laughter and friendly competition.

“A lot of people still don’t know we’re a club on campus. Being out here at such a prominent event kind of lets people know about us,” Arakaki said. “It’s more of a place for people who like video gaming and eSports to find a community at SU.”

The KXSU tent continually filled the air with excellent music and matched the crowd’s sunny demeanor  throughout the afternoon. The whole Quad was filled with music, sunshine, and a shared sense of Seattle U community.


Quadstock’s concert was lively and energetic all throughout the night. First up was The Odd Kids, the winners of the Battle of the Bands that took place last April. Back again with their full ensemble, they took the stage and lit it up, treating the audience to the same energy that had made them so loved.

“Odd Kids club is obviously really, really good. When they performed at Battle of the Bands, they were easily the best band that performed,” Junior Cullen Saltsman-Buck said. “It’s really cool to see them play in an actual festival.”

Known for his hit single “Lights Down Low,” singer MAX headlined Quadstock, mixing indie-pop with electronica. SEAC staff noted his approachable demeanor and attitude, something that came through during his performance as he was repeatedly taken aback by the adoration he received from the crowd.

A standout moment was his remix of “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast. Sampling the track, MAX turned the classic 2000s rap song into a bass-boosted head banger that thrilled the audience and stirred up the crowd. The audience merged into synchronized dancing and motion—a sea of hands bobbing up and down to the song that formed a visualization of the beat. The black and colored lights all over the room created an amazing neon visual that complemented the mood of the room perfectly.

At one point, MAX took inventory of the crowd to see who had heard of him before and was met with a pretty equal split. This delighted both MAX and the audience alike. MAX was thrilled to play his music for new ears, and the crowd loved the energy and enthusiasm he exuded with every breath. This culminated in a show that left the whole audience exhausted, satisfied, and connected to the headliner.

Whether it was sharing ice cream in the Quad with excellent company, or listening to a new artist live for the first time, it was truly an excellent day for the Redhawk community.

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