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Q: Hey Mama, I really miss my dog back home in California… I honestly feel like jumping on a plane back home to go see her. I know that’s not smart… what do I dooo

A: You’re right, it’s not responsible, lol. You could always wait until Memorial Day, when you’ll have a wonderful three day weekend. Plenty of time to skip class on a Friday and fly back early on Tuesday. You can see your family and enjoy a little time off, and then only have to wait five more weeks to see her again. Can you believe we’re already halfway through the quarter?

Q: I’m moving into off campus housing next year, and I’m stressed about finding people to live with. What if my friends say no? Worse, what if they say yes and really don’t want to?

A: If you ask people and they go “yeaaaaah! Maybe! Let me check!” Take it as a no. If your friends want to live together, they’ll jump in, all excited. “Thank god you asked me!” or “Really? You’re not joking, you want to?” I wish people in Seattle could be more direct sometimes, but in this case, take any indecision as a no. You don’t want to end up without a roommate! Worst case, you can check on Craigslist or Facebook groups and room with random people, or try to get on campus housing. Good luck!

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