“Suckers” For Spotify Over Apple Music



The Jonas Brothers came back with a hit new single, “Sucker.” It’s no doubt most will tune in to give the song a listen. But which app do you open on your phone: Spotify or Apple Music? Within the chosen app, how does the music you choose reflect who you are? Does that change within the year, month, day, or even hour?

Looking at the logistics, both Spotify and Apple Music appear strikingly similar. With identical price layouts for student packages and annual plans, it can be difficult to choose an app to store one’s favorite tunes on. Among Seattle University first-year students Sophie Heyman, Sally Lucchesi, and Jasper Rose, Spotify appears to be the chosen app.

“Spotify is easier to use, more userfriendly, and is available to everyone— not just Apple users. It just makes more sense,” Heyman said.

Spotify has both free and premium versions. When users pay for the premium version, they immediately obtain access to over 35 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. They can travel abroad with their music, gain on-demand mobile access, bypass ad interruptions, and can listen without internet connection. Rose believes the premium version is worth every cent, especially with student discounts available.

“I use Spotify religiously. I would say Spotify Premium is worth it. With the student discount, I got Spotify and Hulu—I use it all the time.”

Others, like Lucchesi, use the app but without the added benefits of premium.

“I haven’t bought premium. It comes with Hulu but I wouldn’t benefit from it because I have an account already through my uncle.”

Whether or not students have Spotify’s free or premium version, the music they listen to varies immensely. Added perks of the app include premade playlists by Spotify for each user—whether it be the Daily Mix or the Discover Weekly, each person with an account is able to experience customized songs catered to their music tastes.

“I make playlists and I listen to Spotify playlists. A lot of the time I go on Spotify playlists to find new songs, which I add to my own playlists,” Lucchesi added.

There is no shortage of options to listen to, as Spotify offers podcasts and audiobooks as well. However, with the lack of exposure and promotion of podcasts, audiobooks, and other nontraditional sounds available on the app, lead to many not exploring this side of Spotify.

“Personally, I don’t use Spotify for anything other than music. I use the Podcast app. Spotify as a platform is easier to use, but I like how official the Podcast app is,” Heyman said.

Spotify’s popular playlists and customization for each user appeals to many students, but music taste changes with time—and possibly with the seasons. Seattle, famous for its overcast, drizzly days, has the potential to influence how people feel, and as a result, the music they listen to. Lucchesi said her song choices reflect this; the Seattle winter was unique, with its snowstorms and now, sudden sunshine.

“When the sun comes out, I listen to a lot more upbeat music,” Lucchesi said. “In winter, like this past month, it’s depended on my mood. It was definitely more chill and I listened slower songs.”

Seattle is also known for being a musical haven, playing an undeniably large role in the state’s musical culture and popularizing the alternative rock genre. Students like Heyman have come to appreciate such a deep-rooted culture since moving to Seattle.

“Seattle is like a hub for music— it’s amazing and I’ve discovered new artists,” Heyman said. “Especially with the grunge era, there’s a lot going on with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.”

For others like Lucchesi, different locations offer the same benefits.

“My music taste has mostly stayed the same. I lived in the Bay Area, so there were a lot of different concert venues,” Lucchesi said. “In San Francisco and Oakland, bands always had at least one concert somewhere. I feel like I have a lot more access back home, but there’s still an amazing music life here.”

Whether students use Spotify or Apple Music, are influenced by the weather outside or the very location of Seattle itself, remains up to the individual. It’s no doubt Seattle is a vibrant, popular, and culturally sound city within the world of music. Whether you choose to open Spotify or Apple Music to listen to the new Jonas Brothers song, one thing remains clear: music is significant and plays an indisputably large role within each person’s life.

Heyman listened to the new hit single on Spotify easily with her premium account rather than buying CD’s like she did throughout her childhood. Within today’s digital era, everything can be accessed via electronic devices.

“I’ve had ‘Sucker’ by Jonas Brothers on repeat for the last four days. It makes me nostalgic, but shows me how far we’ve all come.”

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