Dear Spectator,

We wanted to write in support of the editorial decisions made by the staff of The Spectator over the past two issues.

As a department, we believe in the importance of quality reporting and in excellent journalism. We teach our students to ask hard questions, chase important stories, and to make proud editorial decisions. We believe that your recent work is high-quality and important and we back your efforts to “go forth and set the world on fire.”

A key point of journalism is to tell stories and start discussion. It is clear that our campus needs to have a discussion about different forms of representation. From your recent article about the tokenization of students of color for marketing material to a representation of queerness on the cover leading to a censoring of student voices by removal of copies of The Spectator from some campus newsstands, we have clear indicators that SU needs to deeply examine just and equitable ways of representation. As a campus we need to grapple with issues surrounding identity and representation of minoritized groups.

Thank you for your quality reporting and editorial work.

The Faculty and Staff of the Communication Department