Seattle U Community Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day


“It is not just the Holocaust. There is injustice happening now all over the world,” said Reverend Victoria Carr- Ware, the Ecumenical and Multifaith Campus Minister. “It’s important to be reminded of our history, so it does not happen again.”

Jan. 27 marked National Holocaust Remembrance Day as recognized by the European Union in 2005, and in honor of this day, Campus Ministry coordinated a presentation from Holocaust survivor, Agi Day, following a discussion on the evening of Jan. 23.

Holocaust Survivor, Agi Day told her story at the Holocaust Remembrance Day event on Jan 23

First-year Talia Rossi accompanied a friend to the event.“I think it’s really interesting to hear from survivors and people who experienced [the Holocaust] first-hand because genocide is so often not talked about,” Rossi said.

“Genocide is not something that did happen once,” student and attendee Jessica Piranni said. “In our American education system we don’t talk about the others, which is problematic.”

For student Jessica Piranni, the Holocaust Remembrance event was as way for her to deepen her understanding on something she is interested in. Piranni recently returned from study abroad in Vienna and Zurich, where she spent a lot of her time with the Jewish community in Vienna.

“We visited a synagogue, we went to a concentration camp and we talked a lot about the continual prosecution of the Jewish people. I take any opportunity to learn more,” Piranni said. “We don’t have a lot of time to hear from the source [of Holocaust survivors]. As students we should do as much as we can to learn.”

For Jewish and other non-Catholic student groups on campus, Campus Ministry provides funding for programming to be in worship. Students can get connected with resources, either on-campus or off-campus, to help navigate the changing spiritual dilemmas that take root while in college.