Bibimbap: A Delectable Surprise



For students who attend Seattle University, living on Capitol Hill has its perks. The food options are endless, your doorstep is literally steps, or for most blocks, away from the nearest open bar, and countless dogs looking for a playful partner roam the streets. Capitol Hill is a vibrant community that keeps on giving, even if it may be at the expense of your wallet. We often forget though that when living on Capitol Hill, your life becomes the hill. Life beyond these privileged walls seems distant, a mystical idea that we often don’t come into contact with.


Bibim Bap on First and Marion.

The time has come though, my fellow Seattle U friends, to climb that wall and venture yonder. Leaving the coziness of your single bedroom apartment that you share with four other roommates may seem unappealing in exchange for the grimy streets of downtown Seattle, but if you look hard, and long enough, you will more than likely find a diamond in the rough.

Enter Bibimbap, an authentic Korean restaurant that brings a different flavor to the Seattle community. Tucked away on the corner of First and Marion, this quaint eatery that doesn’t win on its appearance or space. Upon first walking in you, are taken aback by how small it is, the dining space providing no more than 20 chairs to sit. Even with little space available, the warm welcome provided by the staff on your arrival makes up for all that is lacking. You forget that you may have accidently brushed up against someone’s butt, or that you may be sitting on a strangers lap. Instead, you become distracted by the delectable smells that drift throughout the space, the scents of freshly roasted Tofu and chicken becoming the objects of your desire.

As you step to the register, you are fronted with seven varied dishes to choose from. With all these options available, your mind may resemble a scene from Gladiator, the different foods battling one another in reward for the fulfilled satisfaction of both your soul and taste buds. Being a veteran of this local hot spot, I promise to spare you from the trauma of your head imploding that may come from having to make a decision.

When finalizing your food of choice, understanding how you feel is one of the most important aspects. If you desire something that will embrace your stomach in a warm hug while simultaneously make you slip into a deep slumber, the udon noodle dish is one that will do just that. The vegetable based broth and thick wheat noodles will fill you with content, each bite giving you more reason to unbutton your pants.

If you would prefer not to transform into a soup filled slug, the japche is a solid runner up. Consisting of vegetables, meat, and vermicelli noodles, each bite is a burst of different flavor, equivalent to fireworks exploding in the night sky. You win in all aspects if you decide on japche. Not only is your hunger demon within tamed, but your day can continue without feeling the need to go into hibernation for the rest of eternity.

As the cook takes your empty dish, and the door closes behind you, hopefully you will feel as enticed as I did to repeat what you just did. Climbing the hill back to the rainbow sidewalk sanctuary, may you find peace with your newly grown food pallet, and the urge to tell those around you not only of the blessed godsend waiting down by the bay of Seattle, but also the unexpected surprise of your newly born food baby.

Bibimbap is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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