Food Co. Serves a Delectable Surprise




As a first-year student at Seattle U, I eat almost exclusively on campus. That said, there are certain foods I truly miss. I’m convinced that being able to sink your face into a cheeseburger is one of life’s most pure and simple pleasures (and neither Dick’s nor C-Street burgers are doing it for me lately). In hopes of a better burger on the horizon, I strutted up Union Street. for about 15 minutes until I reached my final destination: Feed Co. Burgers, a recent arrival to the Capitol Hill area.


Feed Co’s Bim Burger and chocolate shake.

As I walked up to Feed Co., I was immediately struck by just how many people were there at 1 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. The customers were mostly families, bringing their 6 and 7-year-olds in for burgers, fries and shakes. I asked the woman at the register to brief me on their most popular items on the menu. As she described my order, I surveyed all of the beers they had on tap. For someone who is of legal drinking age, this burger spot would make for a very nice afternoon.

I got the Classic Feed Burger: a 4 oz. burger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Quinn’s sauce ($5). I ordered a side of French fries ($2.75) and a small drink and waited hungrily. The atmosphere in Feed Co. is casual. Picture wooden and iron accents, and a modern rustic vibe. Chalkboard-style art and writing adorns the walls. The menu is hip and upscale, offering burgers with toppings like kimchi aioli, blue cheese, and porcini crusted mushrooms. Another bonus that I noticed was the Snoqualmie Ice Cream shakes and floats. I said a silent prayer that I’d have a little room left for some once I was finished. Spoiler alert—I didn’t.

My friend and I took the last two open seats in the whole restaurant. When my food arrived, it was plated (in theme) on a small metal tray. As I tasted it, the first thing I noticed was the bun. They certainly butter it, crisping the outer edges. The burger patty was thick and flavorful, but it didn’t have any juicy drip to it. As I looked over at my friend’s burger, the Blue Onion, his patty was dripping juices onto his tray. He had gotten a Signature burger, a 6 oz. patty that made my 4 oz patty look sad. The Blue Onion is a burger topped with blue cheese, caramelized onions, cress, and Quinn’s sauce. He said his burger was excellent. *Sigh*, the staff’s recommendation had cheated me. I took another bite of my burger. The Quinn’s sauce has a white and creamy appearance. It is tangy and very light in flavor. Quite frankly, you forget the sauce is there.

To some burger fans, this could be a plus, because you could taste the whole burger and all of its parts. Personally, I would’ve liked to notice it a bit more. The fries were nothing spectacular; I probably should have ordered a side of cheese curds instead. In an attempt to save myself from disappointment, I approached the register. I had seen a list of additional sauces which could be purchased at $0.25, one of which, was truffle aioli. Now, I’m an absolute truffle addict, so this was really exciting news for me. I took the sauce back to my meal and added it to my fries. The whole game changed. $3.00 truffle fries hack? Heck yes. Honestly, that truffle aioli was so good, I personally think that should go on the burger in place of the Quinn’s sauce, but maybe that’s just me.

Overall, I think Feed Co. definitely has some great things going for them. Their upscale burgers are a great change of pace from the fast-food type burgers most Seattle U students probably find themselves eating, and the atmosphere feels cool and relaxed. It’s a little bit of a walk to get off campus, but it helps burn off the calories you’re about to ingest, right? Some notes to myself for future trips to Feed Co.—get a Signature burger instead of the Classic burger, it may be double the price but the patty will be thicker and life will be better. Maybe order cheese curds next time because the french fries were a little boring. And lastly, always dip everything in the truffle aioli (think about dipping the cheese curds in truffle aioli… holy moly aioli that would be so good). If you want to stop by Feed Co. Burger, you can find them at 1190 24th Ave. View their menu at

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