V-Day Escapades From Your Loving Editors

Party at the Cockpit
Maggie Molloy | A&E Editor
While all my friends and their boyfriends are busy cuddling in the corners of romantic, candle-lit restaurants this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be spending my night at the Cockpit behind the shady Shell station on Broadway, listening to feminist punk bands sing about things like capitalism, cisnormativity and rape culture. Featuring bands like CHILDBIRTH, Other Jesus, K8Y H8R and Mommy Long Legs, the concert is creating a safe space for women and those outside the gender binary to spend this otherwise sappy Saturday night in a loving and supportive musical environment. Because honestly, what’s more romantic than spending your Valentine’s Day watching a band called CHILDBIRTH at a venue called the Cockpit?

Treehouse Point
Bianca Sewake | Online Content Editor & Managing Editor
Alright, so, this isn’t technically in Seattle…but that’s the point. Just 30 minutes from the city, Treehouse Point in Issaquah is not too far, but just far enough from the whole Valentine’s Day charade that Seattle will be indulging in: fussing over the perfect Hallmark card, picking out fancy attire and dealing with restaurant reservations in packed spaces. While I am not opposed to copious amounts of chocolate or fine wine, anyone who knows me knows that I would much prefer to enjoy them in peace and quiet—preferably at an overnight stay at one of Pete Nelson’s treehouses off in nature. Hint hint.

Left Bank Books
Mason Bryan | Copy Chief
I may not be the most traditionally romantic guy, but to me Valentine’s Day is all about perspective. If I had my way, I would spend my Saturday at Left Bank Books, an anarchist bookstore committed to supplying Seattle with provocative reads that challenge the political status quo. Located right outside Pike Place Market, it’s a cool, unimposing spot with a long history—plus it sells awesome bumper stickers. (“Read a f***ing book” is a personal favorite.) And after indulging in some radical politics, why not head toward one of the tallest ferris wheels on the west coast? It extends 40 feet over the pier, offering a totally unique and spectacular view of Elliott Bay and downtown. After all, perspective is everything.

Theo Chocolate Tour
Caroline Ferguson | Editor-in-Chief
I must admit that I don’t actually love chocolate. It’s practically heresy on a holiday when an estimated 60 million pounds will be consumed nationwide. But even though I’m not that into chocolate, I’m way into Theo. They’re one of the only bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers in the country, and their sophisticated flavors are nothing like the boring brown bars that leave me cold. They give $10 tours of their Willy Wonka–like factory every day—by my reckoning, with the number of free samples you get you end up breaking even. There are no tours available on Valentine’s Day, but there will be before and after, making this the perfect plan for anyone with scheduling conflicts on the day of.

Dancing and Brunch
Nicole Schlaeppi | Photo Editor
For a dance junkie like me, nothing could be a better start to the day of love than dancing into the early hours of Saturday morning at Blues Underground on 15th Avenue. After a long night of dancing, of course I will need some kind of sustenance—and nothing says ‘I love you’ more than homemade food. My roommates and I will be staying in, making a delicious brunch and spending the day appreciating the great friendships we lovingly share. To me, Valentine’s Day has always been a day to appreciate the people I have in my life and a day to do what I love. And since I love dancing, I’m planning to get back on my feet for a masquerade dance party down in Olympia on Saturday night.

Teammate Valentine’s Day
Emily Hedberg | Sports & Opinion Editor
On Valentine’s Day I am going to load up into a school-rented van with my stinky, crazy teammates and head over to the UW Dempsey Indoor track facility for what will be day two of competition. We will stress, we will complain about each other, we will race and then all of that culminated angst will vanish across the finish line. Those are the best moments with the team. Those are the moments where I look at my equally smelly boyfriend and realize he is the best for cheering me on in my way-too-small racing spandex with sweat pouring down my face. Valentine’s day is when I get to watch my teammates compete in the most exclusive competition of the year—some even against current Olympians—and appreciate every minute I get to spend working hard with those tenacious people.

Then, my boyfriend and I will remember that it is supposed to be a day of romance, pick up some Taco Bell beefy five layer burritos to commemorate said day of romance and call it a night. That is wholeheartedly my idea of the best kind of Valentine’s Day.

The Science of Sex Appeal
Alyssa Brandt | Lead Designer
Like many of my Spectator colleagues, I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person. It could be due to the fact that I’ve been single for 21 Valentine’s Days so far (I’m really not bitter, I promise), or that Valentine’s Day is actually supposed to be commemorating the deeds of the martyr Saint Valentine (which, I will give Hallmark, are centered around marriages that weren’t supposed to happen). I’ll likely be spending my day watching documentaries. Since this is a Valentine’s Day suggestion, I suggest you start a love affair with your favorite couch and watch “The Science of Sex Appeal.” This is a great documentary covering years worth of the most scintillating research on the crazy world of hormones, pheromones and moans. It has multiple parts and hours of footage, so be ready for some long-term commitment.