Why We Love or Hate Netflix

I am with many who agree that Netflix is probably one of the greatest things ever.

I love the accessibly and selection, and more recently, I love the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black; I’m not the only one either.

This Netflix original series, created by Jenji Kohan, is based on the real prison experiences of Piper Kerman in her memoir. This prison-based drama, following the experiences of Piper Chapman. Chapman is at a point where she has her own business, partnering with her best friend, she has a fiancé, and her life is looking good. Suddenly, her perfect upper middle class New York life is disturbed by a 15 month sentence in federal prison for a crime she committed 10 years prior.

The premise is straight forward and appealing, and the writing is absolutely superb. As the series progresses more is revealed about Piper’s past. As new characters are introduced the audience is privy to their crimes, and the criminals range from insanely violent and crazy to unjustly convicted.

Viewers are pulled into the world where we relate and empathize with criminals who make prison a hard world to live in. “Orange is the New Black” helps the audience understand the rules of prison through the mistakes and choices Piper makes. In this world if you insult the cook you’re not fed for a week, alliances can be made through snack trading, and telling the guard “I’m sorry” will only make your situation worse. The great thing about a show like this being on Netflix is that you can sit in front of the T.V. and watch the entire series all at once; the bad thing is that once you’re done watching you feel the agonizing wait for the next season to be uploaded. Such is life with binge-watching of Netflix series such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that “Orange is the New Black” has recently be ranked Netflix’s most watched original series: hard to believe after living through the hype of “House of Cards”, which was an Emmy-winner.

“House of Cards” takes viewers into another drama ridden world the public cannot see: politics. I would argue the reason this show is so amazing is because of Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays politician Frank Underwood; manipulative mastermind with a smooth southern drawl. The cast for the show is further built up by Robin Wright and Kate Mara.

Beyond the acting, the writing is again superb, yet not as laid back as “Orange is the New Black.” If you’re planning on entering the head of a genius politician make sure you’re not going to miss a beat while you watch; important details are dropped left and right, sometimes very subtly. All in all, excellent writing and production has exploded on Netflix in the past year. Season Two of “House of Cards” is soon to be released, and already there is talk of signing a third season. Good job Netflix.