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As stay at home orders keep people inside, many have started getting their goods delivered to them

COVID-19 Concerns Include Shipping, Shopping and Company Shutdowns

May 4, 2020

Package and shipping guilt, stimulus check distribution and online sales are all wrapped up in the new COVID-19 centered marketing...


Amazon Donates $3 Million to New CSI Building

May 22, 2019

Amazon, considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook, has donated a notable three...

Amazon Go: Groceries With No Strings Attached

April 2, 2018

Amazon recently opened their first grocery store. We stopped by to check it out.


Is Amazon Good for Seattle?

March 15, 2018

Throughout the city of Seattle, the word “Amazon” seems to echo down the streets, up the Space Needle, over the Sound and...

Week in Review: February 21

Rachel Larson, Author

February 21, 2018

17 Killed in Florida School Shooting— In the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012, a former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida open fired on the school on Wednesday Feb. 14, leaving 17 students and staff dead. In the wake of the shooting, survivors have used their social media platforms to demand change wh...


Ready, Set, Amazon Go!

January 31, 2018

From the outside it looks like any new store, nestled near the Amazon headquarters downtown. However, as any enthusiastic Amazon...

Week in Review: January 24, 2018

Quinn Ferrar, Author

January 24, 2018

  School Shooting in Kentucky Leaves Two Dead, 17 Wounded —A 15-year-old male student entered Marshall County High School in western Kentucky on Tuesday morning, armed with a handgun. He opened fire, killing two students and wounding seventeen others. A 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl were the victims that passed away. Of the in...


Cities Scramble to Secure New Amazon Headquarters

October 25, 2017

Amazon and Seattle have a complex relationship. Seattle is the fastest growing city in the U.S., and Amazon has been one of t...

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