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Movie Theatre and Chill with a Moviepass

Movie dates are one of the most classic dates that couples go on in romantic comedies. There’s something so cliché and classic about the guy stretching as an excuse to put his arm around the girl. A service called MoviePass allows you to participate in the cliché with a membership that includes an unlimited number of movies for free at participating theaters for just $9.95 a month.

The way it works, is anyone who wants to apply can go on the MoviePass website and sign up. They are then sent their own card through the service and also have access to the app where they can browse showtimes and book their tickets for easy access on their smartphones. This month, February 2018, MoviePass is doing a promotion for new members who want the annual subscription, for just $7.95 a month.

There are limitations with MoviePass. For example, you can’t see more than one movie in one day. MoviePass doesn’t include 3D movies, so customers have to pay the difference between regular movie tickets and 3D movie tickets, which of course the price could vary from place to place. Also, recently it’s been harder and harder to get a MoviePass subscription for first time users.

Augustus Clark, a political science and senior at Seattle University, has had his MoviePass for about four months now.

“My biggest qualms with it is when seeing a movie with a group of people, there is no guarantee as to finding seats together, unless you go to the theater well in advance of a showing,” Clark said. “Also, as it becomes more popular, the likelihood that the monthly price increases become almost inevitable.”

Although price increasing is not something that seems to be an issue right now, considering an analytics company just acquired a partnership with MoviePass in order to analyze data for moviegoers, they need more data. Hence why there’s a new promotion this month, to get more customers.

But how much does it save? Paying $9.95 a month means that in a year you pay roughly $119.40. Let’s say you exclusively go to AMC theaters. Their adult tickets are roughly $9.49 without tax. is means that you’re roughly watching 13 movies a year to break even. And we’re not including the extra popcorn, drinks, etc. Regal Cinemas on the other hand costs more for and adult ticket (roughly $10.40 without tax). To break even you have roughly watch 12 movies a year, to break even.

That saying certain AMC theaters are being relinquished of their ability to accept MoviePass.

“I’ve seen a lot of people with MoviePass come in to our location because we accept it and it’s nearby,” Brianna, an AMC associate at AMC Classic Gateway 8 movie theater in Federal Way said. “MoviePass had decided to eliminate select AMC theaters. I know one of our theaters in the Seattle market doesn’t accept it anymore.”

AMC Seattle 10, on 9th Ave doesn’t accept MoviePass because there is an amenity fee at this certain location that isn’t fulfilled by MoviePass.

Therefore, it gets rejected each time, according to an AMC employee. is is the only AMC theater in Seattle that doesn’t accept it.

Other theaters that don’t accept MoviePass have their own subscriptions and passes. For example, Pacific Science Center’s IMAX has movie passes that are built into the center’s memberships. Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)’s theater locations have memberships with more perks with the lowest student level membership costing only $35 a year.

“We’re different than most theaters. We’re a non-profit organization, so we’re just not able to use MoviePasses,” Nancy Reichley, a front-desk volunteer at SIFF’s Film Center explained.

Despite all this, there are people that still want to have a MoviePass. “That is a decision of those movie theaters. ere’s a lot to benefit for the movie theaters that do participate because it draws more people,” said Alexander Nguyen, a history major and senior at Seattle U. “It encourages more people to go watch movies because I feel like before then it was a declining trend. I want to have a MoviePass because I want to watch the latest movies without having to pay $16 every single time.”

So, whether you’re going on a movie date this Valentine’s Day with your significant other, yourself or your family, MoviePass might be something to check out especially if you’re an avid movie goer. Streaming television subscriptions are already a trend, and it seems like this is the next thing to amp your movie-watching game to the next level. To get a MoviePass, you can sign up at their website

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