Thinx: Letting Women Bleed Proud

Calling all my female bleeders. Are you sick of tampons and pads? Have you tired of needing to create a dam for your red river every month? If the answer is yes, then your time to flow free has come. Thinx, an up and coming business, has created a revolutionary period underwear that allows women to bleed freely, and more importantly, comfortably. From hip huggers to thongs, women are provided a variety of options to choose from. As to whether this underwear can withstand cousin red, the shopping experience is further simplified as each underwear listed on their website comes with not only the price, but how much of the crimson wave it can hold. Whether it is a light or heavy day, Thinx has got our blood warriors of the world covered.

Even with the company’s intentions in the right place, the rage for Thinx underwear is a momentous trend that I will happily watch from the sidelines. The urge to invest in a product that doesn’t require multiple purchases is tempting, but the idea of sitting in my own blood for more than a day or two is an opportunity I will not eagerly jump on. I would more likely fear contracting an infection rather than worry about my underwear being able to withstand Aunt Flo’s visit. Thank you Thinx, but my DivaCup and I are in a closed relationship.

In the end, blood is blood, and how women choose to bleed is entirely their own. So go forth, my fellow blood sisters. Grab a box of Tampax, clean out your DivaCup, and buy your Thinx. You deserve to have your period your way.