Editorial: Responsible Gun Ownership is a Myth

Obviously no one wants guns lying around where little children or mentally unstable potential mass-killers can find them; that’s why we have the NRA, to promote and protect responsible gun ownership.

With that in mind, the NRA has recommended as an innovative and creative alternative to gun control that we post armed guards in America’s public schools.

As reassuring as the idea of more gun in schools may be (after all, fighting fire with fire always works), even the most responsible gun-toting school security guards make mistakes, as happened in Michigan last week when a newly hired security guard left his gun in a school bathroom unattended. No harm came from this incident, but it is deeply disturbing nonetheless. Additionally, five people were shot at gun shows as the result of accidents on Gun Appreciation Day. That number represents just a handful of the dozens of people who died victims of gun violence on Gun Appreciation Day.

What we’re finding is that even supposedly sane gun enthusiasts accidently kill each other or leave their weapons lying around on occasion. Now it’s one thing for accidents to happen when consenting, adult, gun owners are hanging out with other consenting, adult, gun owners, but this whole debate is all about protecting the children, remember? And it is abundantly clear that the only thing that can keep people from accidently or on purpose shooting each other or allowing little children to get their hands on lethal firearms is what else? Gun control.