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Week in Review- May 23, 2018

Sofía Muro-Wells, Managing Editor

May 24, 2018

Bill Equating Criticism of Israel With Anti-Semitism Passes in South Carolina — A newly passed budget in South Carolina’s 2018-19 state budget included a “rider” measure which designates any criticism of Israeli policies in public schools or universities as anti-Semitic. Supporters of the measure—called the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act—tri...

Tragedies Trigger Nationwide Reaction to Gun Control Issues

January 23, 2013

On Jan. 13, the rumble of over 1,000 Washingtonians could be heard as they trekked up 4th Ave. from Westlake Park to the Seattle...

Editorial: Responsible Gun Ownership is a Myth

The Spectator Staff

January 23, 2013

Obviously no one wants guns lying around where little children or mentally unstable potential mass-killers can find them; that’s why we have the NRA, to promote and protect responsible gun ownership. With that in mind, the NRA has recommended as an innovative and creative alternative to gun control that we post armed guards in America’s public...

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