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Food for Thought about Chartwells

Erika Silva, Author

March 7, 2018

Chartwells, the catering company and food provider for Seattle University, held an open forum and presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 28 as an opportunity for students to gain information and ask questions about the food provider switch starting July 1. A er 20 years of service, Bon Appetit will be leaving and Chartwells will begin their 10-year-long contract. “We...

Bon App is out, Chartwells is in: SU’s new Catering Company

Erika Silva, Author

February 21, 2018

Self-order kiosks, mobile ordering, revamped eating areas and weekly rotating menus are just a few of the changes that are coming to the dining experience at Seattle University. Starting July 1, Seattle U will say goodbye to its longtime food service provider, Bon Appétit, and welcome aboard its replacement: Chartwells. Both Bon Apppétit and Chartwells...


SU Explores Catering Options as Bon App Contract Expires

February 7, 2018

Seattle University may be getting a new campus food provider as early as 2019. Bon Appetit, the current catering company, signed...

Bon App Prepares to Raise Prices Following Soda Tax

January 24, 2018

Wait, how much is that soda? We all reach for a fizzy drink every now and then. So will the new soda tax pop your bu...

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