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Mayor Murray Celebrates Seattle U’s 125th Year

February 8, 2017

Icons of the Seattle were lit red beginning around dusk on Saturday for about 12 hours. The Great Wheel, the Columbia Tower, The...


Mission Examen Calls for Reflection

November 2, 2016

As Seattle University celebrates its 125th anniversary, it must also undergo a self-study imposed by the Superior General of the...

Raiding the Morgue: 125 Years at Seattle U

Tess Riski, Author

October 5, 2016

As if you didn’t already know, what with all the signs and posters plastered on every surface, this marks 125 years since Seattle University was established. Well, actually it marks 125 years since Adrian Sweere, S.J., took over a small parish near downtown and named it the Immaculate Conception Parish School, back in 1891. The school was renamed S...

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