Riley’s Astrology Corner: May Events

Riley’s Astrology Corner: May Events

Hi everyone! May is finally here and summer is just around the corner. For all you summer lovers out there, you must be feeling the excitement. May will be an eventful month but don’t worry, there will be plenty of room for change and growth. The month will finish out the lovely spring energy for us and bring the bubbly Gemini season. My mother is a Gemini, so I’m quite familiar with the sign and the energy that they can bring to the table. Let’s dive right in!

Beginning May 3, Mercury enters the Gemini placement. Mercury is known as the planet of communication and social expression. Gemini is a social, outgoing sign so these two go together perfectly. This placement is a super social time that will bring plenty of fun and exciting conversations. You can learn a lot by communicating with people during this time, so try saying hi to your mailman, neighbor or even an old friend. This isn’t a perfect time to attempt new relationships due to the other events occurring this month, but it could be beneficial to spark up a wholesome friendship. 

May 8, Venus also enters the Gemini placement. Venus is our love and relationships planet and includes the relationship we hold with ourselves. Oftentimes, people forget that these characteristics apply to how we feel about ourselves just as much as relationships with others. Because of the opposite struggles during the month of May, it’s probably best that you use this time to focus on yourself rather than anyone else. This placement could bring a ton of newfound confidence or actualization for yourself. Use this lighthearted energy to keep loving and accepting yourself. If you’re planning on making any serious changes to your appearance, do them now before the intense Mercury retrograde. 

You can expect flirtatious and passionate energy arising in any of your present romantic relationships. You might feel blissful and clear-headed during this time as romance will be on a high. You’ll really be feeling the love during this time. If things seem rocky during this event, this could be a sign that things might not be working in your relationships. 

A new moon arrives May 11 in the placement of Taurus. We talked a bit about what Taurus brings for us in April but let’s reflect back: Taurus is one of the stronger, relaxed and overall more grounded astrological signs. This will provide an easy transition into our new moon that allows us to focus on what’s going on inside our heads. Again, this is a great time to set goals and intentions for yourself and no one else. Make this event all about you and don’t feel selfish about it. Be good to yourself and think about what will be best for you in the future. What are you desiring? If you’re able to set the right intentions for yourself, you’ll see extremely beneficial results in the future that can subconsciously influence your mindset. 

May 13, Jupiter enters the Pisces placement. Here is where we see some trouble beginning to pop up for us. Jupiter is our planet of growth, change, fortune and abundance. Pisces can bring a lot of emotional and disagreeable energy that can deviate us from our settled minds. This might create difficulties with any process of healing and growth we might be doing at the moment. This placement doesn’t mean you should bring any of that growth to a halt, but it would be nice to apply the brakes. Accept these difficulties as they are and know that it isn’t your fault for feeling this way. Essentially, if your soul feels like it needs a good cry, let it out. Remain in good intentions and you will see growth continue and flourish for you. 

Gemini season will officially arrive May 20. As previously stated, Gemini drags us out of relaxation from Taurus season and puts us to work. This season is about putting yourself out there and being the best you can be. There’s no need to be anything but the real and authentic you. Geminis are known for being those spirited extroverts that love to be around others. Talking comes easily to them but remember talk isn’t cheap. It’s a common statement that Geminis are double-sided with one being friendly and the other being deceitful. This is simply reminding us to be wary of who we share ourselves with. Not every character you meet will be a good character, so always keep an eye out and protect your energy. 

May 26 brings our Lunar Eclipse in the placement of Sagittarius. Expect nothing but intense emotions from this event. Full moons often bring out the emotional side in us and this lunar eclipse heightens that to the extreme. There is a lot of open room for problems to arise here so it’s essential that you be prepared. Sagittarius is a fire sign and enjoys being free while open-minded. The combination of these characteristics with the energy of the moon will bring a huge desire for change. If you’re able to, take some time to express yourself on this day or just simply have a relaxing day to sit with your emotions. This could help better understand any complexities you might be misunderstanding. 

Finally, Mercury is fully in retrograde May 29. This is the astrological event that most people dread on end and this is because of the copious amounts of struggle that it brings. Mercury’s shadow makes communication extremely difficult in all cases. There is nothing else one can do other than be prepared and stay grounded. This retrograde will encourage you to make irrational decisions, contact negative people, and forget about any progress you’ve made. It’s so important to stay strong and hold on before making any serious decisions during this period. Include daily positive activities in your routine that keep you mindful in your present life. This event is one of the hardest ones to experience in astrology but it allows for necessary lessons on communication and patience. 

Thank you again for reading and breaking down the events of May! This month is full of ups and downs but that’s what makes life unique. Next week, I’ll have an article on how to navigate a Mercury Retrograde and what you can do to best prepare for one! If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]