Riley’s Astrology Corner: April Events

Riley’s Astrology Corner: April Events

Hi everyone, welcome back to another week of reflective astrology! This week, we’ll be reviewing the astrological events occurring in the month of April. For most people, the only event that they are familiar with are the sun signs of the month, Aries and Taurus. However, there’s so much more to reflect on as the other planets are constantly changing and moving through space! There’s a lot to go over so let’s learn together.

Today, I’ll be reviewing any future events beyond the time I’m writing as well as the most prominent events of the month. First, I’d like to explain what some of the events mean as the words can be foreign or confusing. When a planet enters a certain astrological sign, it means that the planet is aligning with where the particular sign is located on the map of the sky. As we’ve talked about before, the sky is divided into 12 astrological signs. As the planets rotate, they move through those different signs. When a planet is in conjunction with another planet, it means they inhabit the same sign at the same time and, therefore, have corresponding energy. 

Our first event begins April 14, where the planet Venus enters the Taurus placement. Recalling that Venus is our love planet, Taurus is a sign that represents patience, self-love and the grounding of the Earth. Taurus is actually ruled by Venus, meaning the sign is most influenced by the ruling planet. Essentially, this is great news! Taurus and Venus go perfectly together and will create a good amount of loving energy. We have love on top of love, so this is the perfect time to love ourselves and the relationships we’re in. There won’t be any attempts at chaos during this time so love should be comfortable and relaxed. 

Mercury moves in conjunction with the Sun in Aries April 18. Mercury is the planet of communication, so this conjunction can bring clarity and openness in the world of conversation. You’ll feel the ability to be more social during this time as the sun literally brightens up your life. Say goodbye to the intense fire energy that might be making connections somewhat difficult. 

Right after, we see the end of the Aries season and the beginning of the Taurus season April 19. Both the Sun and Mercury enter the Taurus placement. At this time we will have four different planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus) placed in Taurus. This may seem overwhelming but will actually bring a lot of much-needed rehabilitation. Taurus is one the most patient, level-headed and hard-working signs. This sign will bring us reflection in the worlds of love/relationships, communication and self-confidence. Take this time to do some adjustments. Embrace the love you feel, the open sense of communication and the boost of confidence. I’m personally extremely excited about this placement as there is an incredible amount of potential here. It’s truly the ultimate spring cleaning energy.

April 22, Venus conjuncts together with Uranus in the Taurus placement. This day will bring forward anything and everything unexpected so be prepared. You might win some and lose some on this day. New paths of life may open up for you to decide upon. Remember to make the best choices for yourself and just have faith. 

The planet Mars enters the Cancer placement April 23. Here’s where we might see some shakiness in our energy. Mars is our passion and aggression planet, therefore, it being placed in Cancer means flighty emotions. Mars remains in Cancer until June so this could be a difficult time for many of us. Again, in this event, we’re going to have to expect the unexpected. The energy in our emotions will be constantly fluctuating every day. The best thing to remember for this time is to express your emotions how you need it––let out those tears. 

Mercury conjuncts with Venus in the Taurus placement April 25. This event should place an emphasis on our loving relationships and present an intense amount of transparency. This might be a good day to have any important conversations as they will most likely work out well. Love who you love on this special Sunday. 

April 26, we see a full moon in the placement of Scorpio. This is an extremely powerful event. Scorpio is an intense sign being placed in an already very intense astrological event. Full moons are typically all about release and reflection, but this energy can heighten to create feelings of stress. During this full moon passing, you might be feeling fear, anxiety and an overall sense of weakness. The goal is not to be scared and run from it but rather face it head on. Those that choose to embrace these uncomfortable feelings will see favorable results from ones who choose to ignore them. Make your best effort to put your foot down in certain situations and stand up for yourself. Problems are bound to arise but it’s about how you deal with them. 

Finally, April 27, Pluto moves into retrograde. This event will match a lot of the energies that Taurus brings in self-reflection. Pluto is a transformation planet so as it moves into its reversed state, it will force us to reflect on what affects us most. This will drive us to––again––look at what is working best in our lives. Consider what steps you need to take in order to get what you desire. How can you make your life better? Study the positive things and then embrace them wholeheartedly. 

Thank you again for being here to reflect on some of the energies of April! Spring is truly the season of change that blooms before your eyes so I hope you can enjoy the beauty of it all! If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]!