Riley’s Astrology Corner: You’re Strong

Riley’s Astrology Corner: You’re Strong

Unfortunately, some of us may be feeling those quarantine blues again as these last few days of April are reminding us of how we felt during those dark times. Despite the positive changes being made around the world, anxiety is still swarming through the air. As the world slowly gets back to normal, things may seem unfamiliar. During this time, you could experience an increase in discomfort and irritability that makes one quite fearful of what’s to come next. No need to worry, as we can protect and prepare ourselves through the studies of astrology. 

You can provide yourself clarity in moments of struggle just by reading and learning about astrological events. Just by reading up on astrology, you’re creating a stronger version of yourself and become someone who knows what’s best for themselves. Now, if you were noticing a struggle in communicating with others then this upcoming energy could really make you feel overwhelmed. It can create a claustrophobic feeling where everyone wants out of their current situations to make room for the new. This is because of both the Full Moon in Scorpio as well as the Pluto Retrograde. 

The full moon in Scorpio brings an intenseand I mean intenseamount of feelings out for us. Now we’ve talked about what the full moon was about before, but you might not have even noticed the build-up of emotions as we lead to the energy of the moon. All in all, this event is bringing nothing but anxiety. Expect some anger, callousness or even just general frustration coming out in people. It’s important to act with caution and be patient with people.

Now, of course it’s helpful to just embrace the chaos but it can be hard to sit with anxiety. You’ll want to run away from it or be angry at it and that’s okay. Feeling anxiety in a time where there’s anxious energy is completely normal. It’s hard not to be alarmed by intensity but just know that those feelings are acceptable. They’re not bad feelings, they’re just unwanted feelings. Try your best to ease into the energy as it appears and be patient with anything negative that occurs. You might feel unstable and unsure of what’s working in your life but don’t worry. Everything will go as it should. 

You cannot cure these anxious feelings that easily so remember to take care of yourself. Stay set in the present, when you start your day and try to only focus on events that happen as they go. This can prevent you from worrying or overthinking about past events and accept what happens to you. Learning about what gives you anxiety and staying away from those things can help prepare you for the emotions. You definitely don’t want anxiety on top of more anxiety. Stay physically healthy too, and remember to give yourself brain breaks every now and then. Eat what nourishes you and get to bed on time during these days. You’ll thank me later.

I also suggest you take a bit of risk this week and only listen to your inner voice. Because of the anxiety, you might feel like you always need help from others but this isn’t always true. You have the power and ability to figure things out on your own. Your voice matters and you’re absolutely smart and capable. In the end, the only body you have is your own and you know what’s best for yourself. So make the decisions that are best for who you are. 

You are probably familiar with the event of Mercury Retrograde, but other planets can go into retrograde as well. Pluto will be going into its shadow soon and this can mean both good and bad. As we’ve talked about before, this is bringing a lot of self-transformation energy. You’ll have to dig deep and have a private talk with yourself to find out what you really need. Pluto will, also, be calling on us to let go as we reawaken as our new selves. Release anything that is keeping you anchored down from exploring life. This transformation or change can be difficult for some of us. I’m not saying that it’s easy but I think you’ll be happy with the outcome. Remember that the difficult parts will be worth it in the end. As long as you keep focus and work hard, you will see the best of results. 

Think of the famous Buddhist quote, “the root of suffering is attachment.” When bad things happen to you, simply let them go. The longer you grow attached to something, the more you dwell on it. Rather, understand that nothing can be perfect, therefore, it can’t be changed. There’s simply no point in worrying about so much in life when you should be living it. Life is meant to be a journey of both ups and downs. Without the two of them together, life isn’t a complete rollercoaster. So continue to practice embracing and accepting things as they are.

Thank you for reading today! I hope that I was able to lessen some anxieties and explain some precautionary fear. My goal is to allow my readers to take their life back from anxiety or other mental health issues! Astrology can provide so much peace for this so I’m happy to share. If you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]!