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Q: Dear Mama,
I feel like a lotta things in my life are out of my control right now. What are some things I can do to regain control and feel grounded?

A: Honestly… my main move is cutting and dyeing my hair, or getting piercings or tattoos. If there’s one thing you have control over, it’s your physical appearance! Other (less permanent) things you can do are clean or reorganize your space, paint your bedroom walls, make food and eat it all, or go to an event like a movie or play alone. Making conscious decisions like that always make me feel in control even when I’m not.

Q: Hey Mama,
I’m a senior and graduating soon, but I don’t have any internships or anything. People always talk about needing internships and stuff, so what if I can’t find a job?????????

A: First of all, if you’re already a senior, don’t stress about it anymore. As I’ve found, a lot of companies aren’t willing to hire seniors for internships, since they’re meant as a learning opportunity. No worries! You’ll probably just have to settle for a slightly lower level of position than you’d like, since you’ll be gaining experience after graduation, but that’s no big deal. Please don’t stress yourself out! Just focus on finishing strong and start applying in May.

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