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Q: Hey Mama, I feel really overworked at my job. I’m supposed to only be part-time, but they’re pushing me to the legal limit, like 30+ hours. What do I do?

A: Unfortunately, it’s completely legal for them to give you lots of hours, unless it was in your hiring contract that you would only work a maximum of, say, 20 hours. If you’re going above the legal limit for part-time or they’re breaking contract, you can totally take legal action. That said.. you’re probably a student, and that can be really expensive and time consuming. If I was you, I’d honestly just give my two weeks notice and find an on-campus job.

Q: How do I beat the world record egg as the most liked IG post ever? I need inspiration please?!!!
– IG Wannabe

A: Hey IG Wannabe,
To me, the egg beat Kylie Jenner so quickly because of a few factors:
A) the complete randomness of the subject, which appealed to the youth,
B) lots of people don’t like the Kardashian-Jenners, giving further incentive to beat the Stormi picture, and
C), the creator of the egg is a marketing professional.
With registration coming up, I suggest enrolling in some marketing and advertising classes to learn some social
media tricks 😉
Good luck!

Q: My boyfriend and I are long distance and although FaceTime dinner dates are fine, I want to do something special to mix it up. Any ideas?

A: Hi! Good on you for sticking it out long distance, my boyfriend and I did it for two years before he graduated school. Some special things you could do are send a gift or deliver food to his apartment as a surprise, watch movies together, or trying a new thing like playing video games together. Most importantly, it’s about setting time aside for each other, and continuing to do little romantic gestures like you would want IRL. Good luck with everything!

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