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Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: Hey Mama, I really want to get a tattoo but I think my parents would be really upset. What would you do?

A: Hi!! My best advice would be to save money and stress by waiting until you graduate college or permanently move out before getting it. If you’re dead set on getting one, I’d get it somewhere that you can easily hide it until you graduate or are financially independent. Lastly, be sure to pick a good, skilled artist who specializes in the style you want, you’ll have it on your body forever!

Q: Know any good shows to binge?

A: I’m not the best person to ask about television, but I just finished watching Hot Date with my boyfriend. It was really funny and refreshing! Other than that, all of my suggestions you’ve probably haven’t heard of. Sorry, good luck finding your new binge watch!

Q: You’re a senior now… is senioritis real? How do you handle it?

A: So real. All you can do is drop a lot of your current responsibilities to try and keep up with schoolwork, because you’re going to get a little stir crazy, ready to get a job and graduate. For me, it’s been a lot easier to get burned out when you’re so close to the end and feel like you’ve learned a lot of what you need to know for a job. I’m doing my best to care less about perfect grades and just focusing on trying my best.

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