Taking a Shot at the Keto Diet with Bulletproof Coffee



Squeezed between the chrome embellished buildings and squeaky- clean streets of South Lake Union is a new co ee shop called Bulletproof.

Bulletproof coffee is supposed to be a cup of joe engineered to provide consumers better mental performance and long-lasting energy; and they just opened up a new cafe next to the Amazon and Microsoft offices three months ago.

The walls of the cafe are lined with the company’s signature Bulletproof diet products. I noticed immediately that all of their products gleamed in bottles that look slightly medicinal.

This is because the brand “Bulletproof” started as a ketogenic (keto) diet regimen that has been rising in popularity. The keto diet is intended to be a low carb, high fat plan.

The keto diet instructs to cut almost all carbs. When the body can’t burn the from carbs, it starts to metabolize fat, a state called Ketosis. Ketosis is the ultimate goal of the keto diet. The keto diet is also sometimes used as a way to control and treat epilepsy.

After analyzing the keto diet online, I started to think this approach to dieting might not be for me. The extremity of the diet may promote weight loss, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a healthy choice for everyone.


Instead of mugs, Bulletproof serves their coffee in beaker style glasses.

The way I see it, not all carbs are bad. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains and vegetables are especially important. These are broken down slowly and provide longer energy and dietary fiber. Most people eat simple carbs from process foods that burn fast, spike your sugar, make you hungry and sluggish. From my understanding, keto diets like the Bulletproof diet try to demonize a food group might really just be misunderstood.

On top of that, the keto diet prompts such great results so quickly because the body starts to break down glycogen. Glycogen stores water, so the body basically starts to burn water weight.

What happened to balance people? Following the same trend of all modern, western diets, folks get quick results and shame carbs while worshipping protein like a god.

For the Bulletproof diet, Bulletproof Coffiee is a staple. Instead of the usual added sugar and milk, Bulletproof coffee beans are processed to remove mold toxins. It contains one tablespoon of ghee and one tablespoon of Brain Octane oil. Ghee is a clarified butter that comes from grass-fed cows. Its high in Vitamin K2 and Butyrate. Octane oil is extracted from the coconut, and is supposed to be more effective than coconut oil at releasing ketone energy.

The coffee itself is really only ‘healthy’ if you are in the vicious cycle of the keto diet. Other than that, it has unnecessary, high levels of fat. However, now that it’s a café, you might want to stop by just to judge it by its taste and not its philosophy.

It’s very rich and slightly tangy. Butter from the ghee really coats your mouth. Its mild acidity gives it a slightly crisp taste that slowly dissolves away. The cup tastes pretty good when it’s hot but once it cools it becomes slightly sour. I am guessing this comes from the oil. The aroma is earthy, yet slightly woody. Try opening up the cap and you can see the separation of the oil from the coffee.

The sitting area has very futuristic decor. White and orange are everywhere in the minimalistic space. All of the tables and chairs are a matte, brown wood. ere are wall decals that say, “Tap into the unlimited Power of Human beings” and “You. But only better.”

All of their bakery goods are gluten-free, which can be a plus for people with celiac disease. I got the Cardamom Biscuit that was very dense and grainy. It had a nice flavor to it, but you definitely needed the coffee to wash it down.

The Bulletproof products you can buy vary from the octane oil and ghee, that are found in the coffee, to collagen bars and “fat” water. The water taste like a normal Vitamin Water but contains octane oil.

“We get a lot of people from the Amazon locations, people doing the Keto Diet, and people who were just interested in trying the products,” said Chris Mynold, a barista at Bulletproof.

After downing my coffee, I could feel my heart raising and my fingers fidgeting. For the rest of the day I felt very energetic. The coffee definitely has strong effects. Your body has a large amount of fat that it wants to burn. But as the day wore on, they warn you that too much octane oil can give you an upset stomach when you’re not used to it, which is something one should take to heart.

Overall, the coffee tastes decent, but I wouldn’t suggest drinking it every day nor would I start the Bulletproof diet, the extreme nature of the diet might be too much of a shot in the dark for me.

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