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Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: My friend keeps hanging out with my ex, and we ended on bad terms. What should I do?
A: I would let your friend know how you’re feeling – if it was me, I’d feel more than a little betrayed. Sit down with them, let them know your expectations and how you’d like them to proceed in the future. If your ex has treated you poorly and you did not end on mutually good or bad terms, they do unfortunately have to “pick a side…” You broke up for a reason. If they don’t listen, then they aren’t any friend to you. Friendship relies on respecting each other’s feelings, and if they aren’t willing to respect yours, they aren’t worth your time.
Q: Mama, I failed my midterm. I feel like the world is crashing down, how do I feel better?
A: You still have time to withdraw from your class entirely if you think you truly can’t recover. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? You can recover from this. Study harder next time, keep up with your readings, even if it seems like they’re pointless at times. If you’re still struggling after increasing your effort, this may just not be the subject for you, and that’s okay. It’d be crazy if one person excelled at every single subject, right?
Q: My bf and I haven’t been communicating lately… I’m hurt because I wish he would find time for me but we can’t talk about it if we’re always busy! I’ve been feeling lonely, but I don’t want to be clingy…
A: If your boyfriend isn’t making time for you, it shows that you aren’t at the top of his priority list. In many cases, that’s okay… academics, jobs needed for financial health, etc. should come before a significant other. However, if you two can’t find the time for one conversation, you likely need to re-evaluate your priorities. If his friends, hobbies, schoolwork, jobs, alone time and literally everything else comes before spending time with you, I’m sorry, but he’s not ready to commit himself to a relationship.

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