Need a Friend? April Is Here

Are you stressed about this quarter? Have you found that staring into the abyss no longer satisfies your boredom? Well look no further, because the internet has once more out down itself by providing live coverage of nature’s long necked friend; April the giraffe.

For over 3 months, the New York Zoo has provided live coverage of April, the soon to be baby mama. The live coverage captures April’s every move, following her as she shuffles from one corner to the next. Consider it the C-Span of the animal world. You don’t know why you’re watching, but it’s on your screen, and you’re not clicking off.

One when watching April shouldn’t only focus on the live feed itself, but the comments that accompany it. Reading the comments as they roll through is like watching a live episode of the Kardashians. Bonds are made, friends are betrayed. For some viewers it’s almost like a steamy affair, professing their love and admiration for April.

It’s moments like these that we can learn from April. If she can attract thousands by merely swishing her tail, one may have better luck strapping a live cam on themselves and standing in a corner than registering on

Tired of nothing to do? April. Looking for a friend? April. Bored while eating? April. Need inspiration? April. The giraffe is the solution to everything. Even in this new found joy, please remember the cam will turn off once her four legged spawn enters this world. So turn on your monitor, grab a beer, and waste away with the remaining time left with April.

—Shelby Barnes, Arts & Entertainment Editor