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The Week in Review

    Former SeaTac city Manager Motives Questioned—

    In a report released by the Seattle Times, former SeaTac City Manager James Payne asked the staff geographic information systems coordinator to create a map that specified the location of Sunni and Shiite Muslim residents that lived in the greater Seattle area. Payne explained that the motive behind this map was to address the rising concerns of terrorism. This idea never gained momentum, considering that the census data that Payne intended to locate Muslims with doesn’t collect religious information. In light of this development, Payne, after less than three months, resigned on April 6, giving little time before the findings of this case became public.

    Gentrification in NYC to displace not only humans, but wild animals—

    The neighborhoods of New York City have experienced an increase in deaths among the hundreds of cat colonies that occupy the city. The volunteers that have been caring for these feral cats have grown suspicious, believing that their deaths are due to ongoing gentrification. The redevelopment of the run down areas of New York has resulted in a real estate boom. With these newly modernized buildings filling with new tenants, the increase in rat traps placed outside these buildings—along with now limited roosting areas for colonies—has given room for these volunteers to believe these factors all contribute to the decline in feral cat populations. Whether more awareness of these feral cats’ struggle will help, it is with the continuing gentrification of these neighborhoods that the future of these cat colonies will be revealed.

    rumors of taipei zoo panda death proven false—

    Of the two pandas meant to represent a bond between Taiwan and China, one reportedly died early last week. The Taipei Zoo in Taiwan has since released a photo of its panda posing next to recent newspapers to prove it is still alive and well. The reportedly dead panda was one of two that China gave Taiwan in 2008 as a symbol of unity between the countries. Chinese media sites have since apologized for spreading the false death rumors.

    Millennials on Marriage—

    In a census analysis recently released by the Pew Research Center, adults between the ages of 18-34 are more likely to live with a parent than a significant other. Millennials are getting married later in life than previous generations and are also older before they set up their own households. Though it is not harmful, older children who continue to have a presence within their parents’ home will more likely struggle to take the steps necessary to transition into adulthood. Among the millennials, those from a more disadvantaged background have been found to most likely fall into this trend.

    Charleston Shooter Faces Death Penalty—

    Dylann S. Roof, the shooter responsible for the nine deaths at the Charleston, S.C. church shooting last year, will face two death penalty trials according to a statement released by the U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday. The department claimed that they will seek out his execution considering the nature of and harm created by the crime. Along with the department’s pursuit, prosecutors found nine aggravating factors that strengthen the case against Roof. No date for Roof’s trial has been made, but it is believed that his court trial will begin in January of 2017.

    Candidates Attempt to Unite Their Individual Parties—

    Hillary Clinton faces a loss in state polls as she continues to struggle to unify the Democratic Party. Donald Trump, despite previous doubts, has managed to unify his party into one, getting support from his fellow republicans. Trump’s rise in the polls isn’t a surprise, since it is common for those who win their party’s nomination to bring their party’s base together. With the race running close together, Clinton will be given the opportunity to widen the gap by possibly gaining Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Clinton’s goal in unifying the party will rely on her ability to successfully appeal to the young, liberal supporters that unify
    behind Sanders.

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