Star Students Win Big At Red Night Out


Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator

As usual, the chocolate fountain was a hit. Not only did the presenters keep referring to the fountain, but the line to fill a plate with dipped pineapple and brownie bites was
consistently long.

But the fountain is just one part of the Student Recognition Awards—renamed this year to Red Night Out. The evening recognized Seattle University students with exemplary commitments to university values.

Nicole Schlaeppi •  The Spectator
Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator

Ultimately, lives consistent with the Jesuit mission rely on a loyalty to gratitude, said university president Fr. Stephen Sundborg S.J., who spoke at the event.

“You see more, you love more, you’re more appreciative,” he said. “Live grateful lives.”

This theme of gratitude and appreciation was visible through the awards’ winners. Additionally, though, students spoke about the importance of challenging, questioning and growing.

Nicole Schlaeppi •  The Spectator
Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator

Shandra Benito, one of the winners of the Hunthausen Award, talked about developing affirmation combined with criticism. It is important to struggle, she said; it is important to demand change and improvement.

“[The] greatest gift we can offer this institution is to ask it to grow with us.” Benito said. The event asked students to reflect on moments of such growth. With a photo booth and opportunity to network and mingle, those at the ceremony took time to reconnect. Guests were also invited to write down what inspired them in their time at Seattle U. The answers ranged from specific names of people, to the city of Seattle, to classes and experiences. Overall, the annual event took time to remember students and invited students to remember their time
at Seattle U.


Mission Award for Care:
Nathan Worden

Mission Award for Academic Excellence:
Izzy Gardon

Mission Award for Diversity:
Feeza Mohammad

Mission Award for Faith:
Evan Britton

Mission Award for Justice:
Ames Fowler

Mission Award for Leadership:
Raveena Sajjan

Integrity Award:
Nguyen Tran

Distinguished Graduates:
Eric Chalmers, Chris Clem, Joyce Keeley, Beth Williams, Jaime Yslas

Spirit of Seattle University Awards:
Germe Ambion, Jennifer Cruz, Andre Springman

Ignatian Leaders Hunthausen Awards:
Shandra Benito, Victoria Benavides