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Balls Out: Outdoor Activities Now That The Bitter Cold Is Past

    We have arrived at the particular time of the year where it is sunny. Not only is it sunny some days, but sometimes it’s is even sunny for a consecutive string of days. Not only is it sunny for multiple days in a row, but it is warm.

    With this warmth comes the obligatory sun dresses and the people who have the instinctual desire to take off their clothes, throw on a bikini and lay on the Seattle University Park–despite its fairly apparent lack of water. Although I am all for not being a ghostly figure on campus as a result of the torrential winter, I want to offer up some suggestions of sporty things to do now that you can leave your place of residence without a jacket or an umbrella. Here are three ideas for the outdoorsy inclined.

    Aqua Verde + Kayaking

    Down in the U-district there is a quaint little Mexican restaurant. It isn’t quite cheap, but it is right on the water and worth every penny. The guacamole is pretty unprecedented amongst Washington’s relatively subpar southwestern style cuisine (I am both biased and spoiled having grown up in Arizona—filled with authentic enchiladas and tomales). Regardless, the food is great. But the best part of the experience of Aqua Verde in conjunction with a sunny and pleasant day is hitting the kayaks after your filling meal. Right beneath the restaurant there is a dock with a boat rental unit that leases boats by the hour with the perk of being able to take the vessel any which way one desires. Additionally you can take this experience as a leisure activity or turn it into a quality workout. Rowing is difficult, and in combination with the warm temperature it could be quite exerting and fulfilling. I highly recommend making the trip.

    Middle Fork Hike at Snoqualmie

    This is the perfect hike for any level. After driving on the 90 East till exit 34, one embarks on a dirt road full of potholes that you can’t imagine. The drive itself is a blast; either reenacting Indiana Jones by bulldozing right through them, or taking the Mario Kart route and erratically avoiding them proves to be a fun adventure for those so inclined. The hike itself is flat. No obscene grade to climb, just rolling hills along the river—yet somehow still in the forest. You can go at any pace you desire, even turning it into a run if you are into that. Also, this hike provides the experience of having the ability to veer off the beaten path at any point and hitting the water. Either to wade, splash around or sit on the edge contemplating life.

    Laps of a Ferry Boat

    Although this last suggestion might seem mildly ridiculous at first, give it a minute. If you are someone who enjoys working out, and can stand to ride a bike that goes nowhere in an enclosed gym, this is something to consider. I was on a ferry to Bainbridge a few weeks ago and there were three separate people that I saw countless times on my trip. I finally realized that they were power walking laps of the ferry. At first, I thought this was slightly crazy, but then I thought about the fact that I run circles around a track for miles at a time. The track does not have views of the cascades or the wind of the sound hitting my face. Therefore, this seems like a pretty efficient mode of getting out in the sun and getting some exercise on your way to a nice day trip to the island.

    I hope you all enjoy the sun as much as I am.

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