Balls Out: Top 3 Athlete Cameos in Film

I am sitting here watching the Oscars next to a couple of girls who have some fairly extensive critiques of the various dresses—cuts, ruffles, no ruffles, etc. As I observe this cultural phenomenon (social media polls pop up on the screen every couple of minutes displaying dress ratings), I decided that it is not fair that I lack the both the fashion and film prowess to successfully judge the Oscars. But what I can judge are films from mediocre to great that have some pretty interesting athlete cameos. Thus, I have compiled a list of my top three favorite—be them sub-par or excellent—athlete appearances in movies.

1. Derek Jeter in “Other Guys”

Jeter is a renowned short stop for the New York Yankees and there cannot be enough said regarding his success in the realm of athletics. However, when he was chosen to be featured in two scenes of the film Other Guys, one of them was not even put into the movie. Surprisingly enough, the scene that got kept consists of Jeter accidentally being shot by Mark Wahlberg. Jeter exclaims without all too much affect, “You, dick! I’m Derek Jeter. You Shot me.” The scene is just uncomfortably bad. At least the guy has a fall back.

2. Mike Tyson in “The Hangover”

The Hangover is a movie filled with so many random occurrences to perplex its audience that it is only fitting that the former heavyweight champion of the world makes his debut in the film dancing to Phil Collins and singing horrendously off key. His knock out of little Zach Galifianakis adds to the hilarity of Zach’s misfortune and the films continued erratic behavior. The scene is weird, but in the context of the weird movie, the weirdness works.

3. Andre the Giant in “The Princess Bride”

The film The Princess Bride without Andre the Giant would be sorely missing a character, just like the WWE Hall of Fame without Andre the Giant would be sorely missing its inaugural inductee. Andre the Giant is my winner because not only was he exceedingly athletic due to his abnormal stature, but he is in fact best known for his role in The Princess Bride—giving the sporting world a non-embarrassment to the acting arena. He is an endearing badass.