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Seattle Reacts to Trump’s Inauguration

January 25, 2017

Scores of demonstrations were held across the country following Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday, culminating...

Students Pledge Votes as Election Cycle Winds Down

November 2, 2016

What has arguably been the most contentious presidential election in U.S. history is also the first one most Seattle University...

The Sad Truth: I Can’t Vote

Shelby Barnes, Author

October 19, 2016

To my fellow Citizens, Barack Obama said it, Anziz Ansari said it, hell, even Katy Perry did as well. Vote. Vote, vote, vote. Everyday I open my Facebook, that’s the first thing I see. My feed is filled with celebrities, politicians, and college students, all preaching the importance of our generations involvement in this year’s presidential...


SU Students Disappointed With Presidential Ballot

October 19, 2016

“Is 2016 even real at this point?” said sophomore environmental science major Ionatana Tua, regarding this year’s presidential...

An Increasingly Frustrating Presidential Election

Jenna Ramsey, Author

September 28, 2016

I consider myself a bit of a political junkie. I enjoy the drama of it, the games candidates play, the heated speeches and debates. But the 2016 Presidential election has, for me, gone from an entertaining-yet-concerning spectacle to an embarrassing, flaming mess. As is the case every four years, November will present a defining moment for the future...


Seattle U Students Weigh In on Presidential Election

September 28, 2016

With the presidential election less than two months away, Seattle U students join the rest of the country as they watch candidates...

The Week in Review

Bianca Sewake, Author

January 21, 2015

Republicans Oppose Obama’s Immigration policy—On Jan. 14 the House of Representatives made moves in opposition of President Obama’s immigration policies. This decision will affect millions of persons residing in the United States and expose younger immigrants to the threat of expulsion. The U.S. Republicans won the vote 236-191. The quarrel on the h...

Meet Your New SGS Officers 2014-2015

Melissa Lin, Author

October 23, 2014

As Seattle University continues to tackle issues old and new, it is important to have a team of leaders in Student Government ready to handle anything that comes their way. no matter your grade or your goals, This group is here to advocate for you. Here are your newly-elected SGSU representatives for the 2014-2015 school year. Freshman Rep ...

Reproductive Parity Act Gets Varied Response

Taylor de Laveaga, Author

March 6, 2013

Every day in the state of Washington, upwards of 60 abortions are performed. That amounts to more than 20,000 women receiving abortions in our state alone, which represents about two percent of the 1.2 million performed annually in the U.S. It is one of the most divisive issues state governments face, one that cuts bipartisan lines sh...

I-1240 Makes Education A Lottery For Some

Holly Martinez, Author

November 28, 2012

The possibility of public charter schools in Washington state has been a source of controversy since the mid-1990s. Until now, Washington voters had rejected all three attempts at establishing charter schools at the state level. This November, Initiative 1240 passed, competitively earning approximately 51 percent of the vote. Initiative 1240 will...

A Voting Button

Misplaced Documents Threaten Democracy

November 14, 2012

After the registration and just a few days before the final voter registration day, several students who had registered to vote...

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