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Trump’s Granting of Clemency to High-Profile Individuals Portends a Further Emboldened Presidency

Trump’s Granting of Clemency to High-Profile Individuals Portends a Further Emboldened Presidency

February 27, 2020

Barely two weeks after his impeachment acquittal by the Senate, a revitalized President Trump issued a slew of pardons and commutations...

Hong Kong Polytechnic University protestors resting on the floor of a parking garage

The Week in Review

November 20, 2019

State of Emergency Declared over Washington Portion of I-5 Washington Governor Jay Inslee has declared a state of emergency over rou...

Protesters in a kayak blocking the Port of Vancouver

The Week in Review

November 7, 2019

Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline Protests in Washington In Vancouver, Washington, protestors chained themselves to a dock w...

Lone South American migrant walking along the dry Tijuana waterbed, a few feet away from the United States border.

Disgusted but Not Surprised: An Attack on Asylum Seekers by the Trump Administration

November 28, 2018

United States President Donald Trump said that military officials should treat rocks thrown by asylum seekers as a “firearm...

An Analysis of Recent Missile Strikes against Syria

Rania Kaur, Author

April 25, 2018

The United States government, along with the United Kingdom and France, launched missile strikes at Syria last Saturday, April 14. Though the Syrian Civil War has been going on for seven years, this is the second time that the U.S. has intervened in Syria. The goal of these strikes was to “deter the Syrian Regime’s chemical weapons capability and...

The Week in Review- April 25, 2018

Sarah Haghi, Author

April 25, 2018

Nicaragua Protests Result in Nearly 30 Fatalities— Protests erupted throughout Nicaragua in response to President Daniel Ortega’s new social security reforms on Wednesday April 16. The reforms raise income tax while reducing benefits for Nicaraguan citizens. Centrally located in the capital of Managua, the protests have been occurring for the last seve...

Week in Review- April 18, 2018

Hunter Uechi, Author

April 19, 2018

COMEY LIVES UP TO TRUMP’S TWEETS — Before former FBI director James Comey’s interview with ABC News aired on April 15, President Trump tweeted about his experience with Comey. Trump referred to Comey as a liar, a “slippery” man and a “slimeball” and named him the “Worst FBI Director in history.” During Trump’s morning tweets, he r...

Week in Review: March 7th

Sarah Haghi, Author

March 7, 2018

Attempts at Ceasefire in Syria Fall Short— Last week, the United Nations Security Council made the decision to have a 30-day cease fire on Syria, specifically the suburb Eastern Ghouta of the capital city Damascus. Celebrations of this seemingly unanimous decision were short- lived, as the region continued to be bombed following the ceas...

Trump as a Case Study in Imposter Syndrome

The Spectator Editorial Board

February 7, 2018

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, delivered his first State of the Union Address last week in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives. It was Trump’s first State of the Union address and his second speech to a joint session of Congress. His audience included members of the 115th Congress, First Lady Melania...

The Week in Review

Rachel Larson, Author

January 31, 2018

Larry Nassar to Spend Rest of Life in Prison— On Wednesday Jan. 24, Larry Nassar, 54, plead guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan, receiving 175 years in prison. Nassar was a doctor of osteopathic medicine as well as a trainer for USA Gymnastics, and an assistant professor at Michigan State University...

Ferguson and Ruckelshaus Talk Trump and Democracy

Madeline Mesa, Author

January 17, 2018

Can our democracy survive this constitutional stress test? How eerily close does this administration mirror that of Nixon’s? Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Deputy Attorney General Bob Ruckelshaus—who was fired by former President Richard Nixon —answered these and other pressing questions during Thursday’s event. A wide range of ages...

International Students Discuss Trump’s Asia Tour

December 5, 2017

Trump's recent tour of five Asian countries has sparked a wide range of opinions from Americans. But what do people from those...

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