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Meet the Staff 2018-19!

November 6, 2018

A new school year means a new team of SU students working at The Spectator! Meet the people who work to put the newspaper together...

Seattle U Staff feel underrepresented on Campus

Frances Divinagracia, News Editor

April 15, 2018

Staff members work in conjunction with faculty members and upper level administrators to help the overall experience of the student body at Seattle U. They are some of the most recognizable faces to the students, and the ones who interact with them the most, but are often left out of conversations regarding the decision- making processes of improving...


The Doctor Clocks Out: Joy Sherman’s Final Year at Seattle U

November 1, 2017

Sometimes, college students may feel that they need a little bit of crazy in their lives. For some, that may mean jumping out o...


Meeting, Not Exceeding: Maternity Leave at SU

January 11, 2017

At Seattle University, maternity leave  is a topic buried in the calculated wording of an 80-page Human Resources Policy Manual....

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