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Alleged Union Busting at The Frye Art Museum

April 23, 2020

Seattle is a city based on art and passion. The Frye Art Museum, just a few blocks from Seattle University, is a private museum...

Curated by Seattle U Art History Associate Professor Naomi Hume, the “Unsettling Feminity” exhibition challenges depictions of femininity.

Femininity at The Frye, Curated by Seattle U Professor

November 7, 2019

The “Unsettling Femininity” gallery currently at the Frye Art Museum takes a closer look at the undercurrent of femininity...

Tschabalala Self: Telling A Tale Through The Body

Tschabalala Self: Telling A Tale Through The Body

January 30, 2019

Three entirely new, free exhibits have opened just three blocks from Seattle University’s campus at the famous Frye Art Museum....

Encouraging Community Reflection at the Frye

Hunter Uechi, Author

February 11, 2018

Acrylic, mineral oil and graphite are a few of the mediums that New York artist Tavares Strachan experimented with to create intricate, large-scale pieces for his exhibit titled “Always, Sometimes, Never.” His exhibit is on display at the Frye Art Museum and features different elements of art, science, social justice and the environment in his work...

Movie Magic aids Memory Loss at the Frye Art Museum

Natalie Monahan, Author

February 7, 2018

Many people love watching movies purely for destressing and entertainment, but for those with dementia, certain films can even help bring back memories. Meet Me at the Movies is a program put on at the Frye Art Museum that’s especially designed for people with memory loss and their care partners. Assembled by co-curators Mary Jane Knecht and Keri...

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