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Jesuit’s Recording of MRC Student Coalition Investigated as “Personnel Matter,” says SU President

May 28, 2016

UPDATE: Foster was placed on Administrative leave on June 1. Father John F. Foster, S.J., admitted to owning a USB recording...

Letter From the Editor on this Week’s Publication

Melissa Lin, Author

May 25, 2016

Related Letters Letter From the Editor on this Week’s Publication Letter to the Editor from an SU History Professor Letter to the Editor From former MRC Dean Arthur Fisher In this week’s publication of the Spectator you will find an op-ed from an MRC Student Coalition Member on pg. 2 and Letters to the Editor on pgs. 22-23. A few of the letters published this week were not up to the Spectator...

Letter From the Editor on The MRC Student Coalition: No More Apologies. We Need Change.

Melissa Lin, Author

May 18, 2016

Many journalists maintain an outdated idea that, to be an effective reporter, you must be impartial, disinterested and emotionally detached. But, as President Obama said during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, “Taking a stand on behalf of what is true does not require you shedding your objectivity. In fact, it is the essence of good journalism....

Why I am Boycotting Ghost in the Shell

Melissa Lin, Author

April 20, 2016

To say Ghost in the Shell is a cornerstone of Japanese media—and perhaps all modern science fiction and anime—is no overstatement; since it first began as a manga in the ‘80s, it has spurred film and anime adaptations, is the inspiration behind many modern animes and films, including The Matrix, and is still widely praised today for its incredible...

Not on my Campus: Inside the Campus Carry Debate

April 13, 2016

I am adamantly against guns. This does not mean I am anti-second amendment rights—but I do believe in stricter gun control laws, would never allow a gun to exist in my household and w...

CFW: Our Drivers in Shinning Armour

Melissa Lin, Author

April 13, 2016

While exploring the city, I often catch myself tensing up subconsciously in anticipation of catcalling and other forms of verbal harassment. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to travel as a woman in a truly safe manner. Chariot for Women (CFW), a new transportation service, aims to make those musings a reality. CFW is an alternative to Uber,...

Old School Frozen Custard is Sadly, Old News

Melissa Lin, Author

April 6, 2016

Old School Frozen Custard, which I referred to lovingly as just, “Custard,” was the shining frozen treat eatery on a (Capitol) Hill. It stood strong amid the increasing appearance of gimmicky ginger beer bars, niche bike cafes and pricey American diners, which—while I unabashedly adore many of these dining options—all leave a bad taste in my...

The Best Ways to Celebrate April

March 31, 2016

Keep America Beautiful Month: Tend to a Garden There is no better month to ponder how to keep our nation beautiful tha...

The Terrifying New Reality

Melissa Lin, Author

March 30, 2016

Over spring break I found myself in beautiful, sunny Ventura, Calif. Besides occasionally contemplating the fullness of my schedule come Spring Quarter, I found myself virtually stress free, releasing my pent up energy from Winter Quarter by eating, tanning and celebrating with friends. But when I woke up on Easter morning, I had a rude awakening, literally,...

Hollis Wong-Wear on SU, the Love Notes Tour and Activism

Melissa Lin, Author

March 10, 2016

Since graduating in 2009, Seattle University alumna Hollis Wong-Wear has produced various Macklemore & Ryan Lewis music videos, been nominated for a Grammy for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist and has performed as lead vocalist of Seattle-based electronic R&B trio, The Flavr Blue. She has been civically active, serving on boards...

Stop Plans to Build Youth Jail

Melissa Lin, Author

March 9, 2016

On Sunday, a group of Seattle University students attended a one-day encampment in front of the King County Youth Detention Center to protest plans to build the Children and Family Justice Center—another youth jail thinly veiled as a community center. To spend $210 million on a new youth jail would only contribute to the prison industrial complex,...

Outrage and Confusion after Canceled NSSRH Event

Melissa Lin, Author

March 3, 2016

Raise an issue. Witness uproar. Repeat. Seattle University members are familiar with the incessant cycle of groups clashing and—instead of finding solutions—unintentionally furthering divides in our community. The recent cancellation of a Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSSRH) event, for example, has caused much offense and...

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