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Critics Corner: Do You Hear the Oscars Sing?

Kellie Cox, Author

February 27, 2013

For the past two days, the press has done nothing but bitch about Seth MacFarlane. The comedian and irreverent creator of “Family Guy” hosted the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night and his jokes—called “tasteless” and “offensive”—have spurned an onslaught of stuffy, over-sensitive criticism. To MacFarlane’s critics, all...

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Critic’s Corner: “Movie 43” Blows

January 30, 2013

Five people walked out of “Movie 43” during its 90-minute run. Five. Two were middle-aged, two looked like they were still...

Daniel Craig As Bond

Critic’s Corner: Skyfall

November 14, 2012

Bond is back, ya’ll. While code name 007 is believed to dead, an unknown cyber terrorist bombs MI6, killing many members...

Denzel Washington In Flight

Critic’s Corner: ‘Flight’

November 7, 2012

No one parties harder than pilot Whip Whitaker. After a long night and morning of boozing, snorting cocaine and sleeping with...

Lindsey Wasson • The Spectator

Let’s Talk About Date Rape

October 31, 2012

During the first quarter of her freshman year at Seattle University, Lindsey was raped. Lindsey (not her real name) had been...

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