PBR Comes to Tacoma


The stands slowly fill with fans moments before the opening ceremony.

Fans watch as PBR (Professional Bull Riding) is burned into the arena dirt after an explosion of pyrotechnics.
Bull riders form a circle around a centerstage as fire shoots into the air during the opening ceremony.
A bull rider holds on tight hoping for a qualifying ride.
PBR bull wrangler wearing a uniform lined with “U.S. Border Patrol” advertising. PBR receives millions of dollars of funding from the United States Border Patrol.
A bull rider faces the crowd in disappointment after being bucked in less than eight seconds.
A rider is thrown from his bull.
A bull wrangler on horseback pulls a loose bull back into the pen using a lasso.
A bull rider narrowly avoids being trampled by his bull.
A bull rider begins to flea as his bull begins to charge him, shortly after being bucked.
The stadium waits in anticipation for another rider to be released from the pen.
A bull rider is sent out of the bull pen into the arena.
Bull wranglers stand at the ready to corral the bull once the rider is bucked.