Timeout Session: Stephanie Madrigal Attributes Team Success to Hard Work


Stefanie Madrigal, image courtesy of Seattle University Athletics.

The Seattle University Softball team is off to a competitive start to the season with a 15-5 record and a two-game win streak. A significant part of their success is due to Senior pitcher Stephanie Madrigal, who was just selected as the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) pitcher of the week for the fourth time in her career at Seattle U. 

Madrigal’s softball journey started at the age of five in San Jose, Calif., where she used to watch her older cousins play. From there on her interest continued to grow, playing on the varsity team for Oak Grove High School for four years. She performed well enough to earn a spot on the Seattle U Softball team, and began her college career by pitching in nine games and striking out 25 hitters. Madrigal continued to grow as a pitcher, setting a team-high of 19 starting games as a sophomore and as a junior earned her first WAC pitcher of the week.

Going into her senior season, Madrigal knew this season had the potential to be special. She was comfortable with the development of the team and their strong will to win. The Redhawks currently hold a record of 15-5 and look to continue that positive start through the season. 

“We can see all of our hard work is paying off,” Madrigal said. “It’s such a good feeling to see everyone succeed and have each other’s back.”

The Redhawk’s success does not come as a surprise to Madrigal. She feels that the team that she and the other players have built is one that fosters support and always has each other’s back. 

SC: Did you feel like you would see as much success as you have?

SM: Growing up I’ve always been a confident person when it comes to softball due to the amount of work and effort that I put on the field. I will always give the team my 100 percent no matter what.

SC: How do you think the rest of the season will go?

SM: I’m confident in our players and team so I believe the rest of the season will go our way as long as we continue to work hard. 

SC: How do you feel you contribute to the team, both as a player and a teammate?

SM: I’d like to think that I give a lot of energy and support to the team. I like to have fun when it comes to cheers in the dugout and it seems to always turn the energy up. 

SC: What is your favorite thing about playing softball for Seattle U?

SM: My teammates 100 percent. I enjoy being around them both on and off the field and I know they always have my back. We can crack jokes with each other but also lock in when needed. 

SC: In general what do you like about being in Seattle? What’s your favorite thing about being in the PNW?

SM: Being from California, I love how green it is in Seattle, along with actually being able to see the seasons change. While I’m not a big fan of the cold weather, I do enjoy the snow here and there and love when it gets warm just in time for the season. 

Next up for the Redhawks is the Seattle U Invite, hosted at Logan Field from March 10-12. The invitational will include three games against the University of Montana Grizzlies and two games against the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels