Black Restaurant Weeks


Jordie Simpson

The entrance to Taste of the Caribbean, a local Black-owned restaurant in Capitol Hill.

Inside Taste of the Caribbean, a Jamaican restaurant featured as a part of Black Restaurant Week happening February 24th through March 5th. (Jordie Simpson)


Taste of the Caribbean event poster alongside warming beef patties. (Jordie Simpson)


Jackson’s Catfish Corner, a soul food eatery located on 23rd and Jackson Street included in Black Restaurant Week in Seattle.


A lunch order from Jackson’s Catfish Corner: fried catfish and a squeeze of lemon with sweet tea. (Jordie Simpson)


Memorable space: creative lighting and murals inside Jackson’s Catfish Corner.


Customers ordering from the counter at Jackson’s Catfish Corner, located in Central District. (Jordie Simpson)


Terrell Jackson, owner of Jackson’s Catfish Corner, alongside other restaurant employees. (Jordie Simpson)


The entrance signage to Simply Soulful, located on Jackson Street in Central District of Seattle. (Jordie Simpson)


A busy day: customers enjoying the food and company at Simply Soulful. (Jordie Simpson)


The inside entrance to Simply Soulful, with delicious menu options and a counter to order at. (Jordie Simpson)


Black Restaurant Week signage hung inside Simply Soulful, a member of the event taking place February 24th through March 5th. (Jordie Simpson)


Simply Soulful employees taking orders on a busy Sunday afternoon. (Jordie Simpson)