D1 Improv Show


Before the Valentines-Themed Special: Audience members being welcomed and getting settled before the Improv begins!

Audience members sitting in Wyckoff Auditorium prior to D1 Improv beginning.
Members of the D1 Improv Team introducing themselves.
A full team: more members of D1 Improv introducing themselves.
Improvisers taking part in The Dating Game.
The Interrogation game: improvisers acting as a mother and troublesome son.
Improvisers taking one-liner suggestions from audience members.
The full D1 Improv Team introducing their next game to audience members.
The ‘Button’ speed dating game with an audience member.
D1 Improv Team taking prompt suggestions from the audience.
D1 Improvisers using prompts from the audience together.
Improvisers sparking laughs throughout the show.