SEAC and RHA Look to Bring Community Together: A Preview of What’s to Come


Meryn Johnson, Kylie Teng, Jade Nicole-Salle, and Ami Kinnamon of RHA | Adeline Ong

Every year, the Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC) and Residence Hall Association (RHA) look for ways to enhance campus life and bring the Seattle University community together.

This year, challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have affected some of Seattle U’s campus traditions. Nevertheless, as winter quarter comes to a conclusion and spring quarter arrives, both organizations have planned events aimed at strengthening community engagement.

SEAC’s biggest upcoming event is a Comedy Night March 4, featuring freestyle rap comedian Chris Turner. Turner’s raps will be based on suggestions from the audience and t-shirts will be given out.

Fourth-year History and Sociology double major and Director of Events for SEAC Angela Romano said that it has been a positive experience bringing the event together.

“We’re really excited about it,” Romano said. “It’s been great, our marketing team and our program team have really meshed well together on that one. It’s been a lot of fun.”

SEAC is also in charge of putting together legacy events, such as Fall Ball. This year, due to COVID-19 concerns, the dance was rescheduled and will now be Spring Formal. The semi-formal event will take place at the Museum of Pop Culture April 8, with more details to be announced soon.

“I’m definitely excited to experience Spring Ball,” Romano said. “I’m a transfer student, so this will be my first in-person Spring Ball. I’m excited that we get to [bring this] big dance that we’ve had before back to campus and for all the new students on campus to experience it as well.”

Spring Ball, like all of SEAC’s events, will require a Safe Start Health Check and attendance will be monitored in case of an outbreak. Guests will wear wristbands to keep track of who has entered the event and will follow the guidance of the university regarding masks.

The other legacy events SEAC has planned for spring quarter are Battle of the Bands and Quadstock. At Battle of the Bands, students will get to choose which student bands will get to perform at Quadstock, an all-day outdoor music concert.

While SEAC has been planning their events, RHA has also worked hard to engage the community with active and passive events. The former type of events involve participation between students and RHA, while the latter does not foster direct interaction between students and the organizer. This year has subdued the normal format and RHA is finally finding their stride, starting with passive events.

First-year Premajor student Gretchen Franz, a recognition representative for Bellarmine Hall council and a proxy representative for the RHA Assembly, confirmed that multiple events are in the works including an outdoor active event on the Bellarmine patio and an event to help with stress during finals week. She also talked about the upcoming March 11 Casino Night, an event run by RHA’s executive council.

“It’s for all students and it’s a fun night where you play casino games,” Franz said. “There’s prizes—some pretty cool things.”

First-year Public Affairs major and Programming Chair for Campion Hall in the RHA, Anabella Long, reported that in promotion of Casino Night, there will be a themed week with a movie night in the Xavier Hall basement and an interactive poster board.

As for what students can look forward to in spring quarter, Long detailed that the annual Hall Olympics are in the works pending COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, a Campion Carnival, a night in the Campion Ballroom with different booths and foods, is expected this spring.

With so much going on, there’s a lot to be excited about. Long, who is also working on sustainability projects, has enjoyed her time in RHA.

“I’m excited about doing real events and connecting with everyone I know,” Long said. “When I first got to college, I had a really hard time adjusting, so I’m just excited to be in RHA, to do events and work on sustainability and give out candy and snacks and be a support system for Campion.”

Franz also noted that the RHA Assembly has been working on addressing students’ concerns with Chartwells. RHA is also at work on behind-the-scenes projects addressing environmental sustainability and campus climate.

“We’re trying to make Seattle U a better place and improve in some areas,” Franz said.

With much to look forward to from SEAC and RHA, be sure to stay up to date with the latest info on ConnectSU and their respective Instagram accounts. All students are invited to be involved in both RHA and SEAC.