Riley’s Astrology Corner: Preparing for Your Best Summer

Hi there, readers! As spring quarter begins to end, I’d like to say thank you to those who have read any of my articles or have found an interest in astrology. I’m very appreciative that I was able to share my knowledge and passion for the planets with you. Last time, we talked about expected summer energies and broke down these emotions for each astrological sign. In correspondence, I wanted to provide a discussion on the major astrological events that will be occurring during the summer months of June, July and August. That way you’ll be able to come back to this article and have a virtual reminder of any upcoming situations. 

Our first event is June 2 where Venus enters the Cancer placement. Venus is our planet of love and Cancer is known to be quite an emotional sign. Our relationships will become unexpectedly overwhelmed by sensitivity and vulnerability. If this is something you’re used to, then this energy could bring you closer to romantic partners or friends. If you’re usually more contemplative, this energy could feel juvenile and strange, you might find yourself feeling clingy and longing for human interaction. This is temporary but try your best to embrace these feelings warmly. 

June 10 brings the solar eclipse with a new moon. These two events will bring an intense amount of change and rebirth. The solar eclipse will push you to resist significant changes while the new moon will encourage you to start making new plans. The clash of emotions will be powerful and alarming so prepare accordingly. Journal any desires you have on the night of the new moon and make sure your head is clear. 

June 11, Mars enters the Leo placement. Put your seatbelts on because these two are a dramatic duo. You’ll be feeling an immense intensity in your fields of anger, desire, excitement and overall passion. Use this time to be a little selfish and get what you want in life. Don’t let negative or narcissistic people take any of your happiness away. This is not the time to go overboard and get egocentric but is simply some you time. 

Cancer season officially begins on June 20. You might immediately think: it’s crying season! But that’s not everything that Cancers have to offer. Cancer season is a time of patience, open-mindedness and empathy. This is a great time to visit a loved one you might have missed during the pandemic. Take a trip to see your parents, grandparents or a long-distance significant other. You’ll feel a deep sense of comfort in nostalgia and love. It’s important to get comfortable during this time of weakness. Go easy on yourself and be strong. 

Jupiter also goes retrograde June 20 which will bring a lot of emotional energy with Cancer season. Jupiter is our personal growth planet so its retrograde will call for some thinking. It’s time to analyze your recent life choices and notice where you are today. This might make you feel a bit anxious but there’s no need to worry. Jupiter wants you to take this time to make a fresh start and begin acting on your new moon plans.  

On June 25, Neptune goes retrograde as well. This retrograde will last nearly half a year, ending on Dec. 2. Recall that Neptune is our dream planet, therefore, you will experience a bit of ego death here. Expect a change in spirit or some realization to arise. There is nothing to fear as Neptune wants us to be in our most peaceful state. Release any negativity that you can in your present life and make time for art or self-expression.

Venus enters the Leo placement June 27 which will change the previous energy we were feeling at the beginning of the month. The drama of Leo energy will enter our love planet making our relationships passionate, playful and flirtatious. Both platonic and romantic relationships will be receiving a sprinkle of spice. This can be a great time for self-love, too, as your confidence might feel a boost. 

On July 11, Mercury will enter the Cancer placement. This will make communication a bit difficult as you’ll find it difficult to clearly speak your mind. Your inner child might come out of hiding to remind you of who you were once before. In order to defeat the struggles that come with this event, you’ll need to be extra patient and observant of others. 

On July 21, Venus enters the Virgo placement. Venus moves quickly through its orbit so we’re experiencing another change of energy. During this time, love and passion will seem a bit robotic, you might feel strangely immovable or authoritative. This can be positive for some people who need  a bit of order. For others, it might take the fun and excitement of love away. Try not to become easily frustrated if your loved ones are acting cold or different. Use this time to be action-forward and not so affirmation-forward. 

Leo season is here July 22. It is time to make transitions to focus on yourself. You might feel a heightened sense of confidence or self-love. Leo season calls for us to express who we truly are and be adventurous. You will see great results if you act spontaneously and treat life like a movie. Try something new during this time, whether it be a food or a hobby. 

Mercury enters the Leo placement July 27. Communication should now be back on track from the previous Cancer placement. Things will feel more joyous and lighthearted as Leo brings us some lively energy. Be your most social self during this time. Go out with friends, meet new people and just have fun!

July 29, Mars enters the Virgo placement. This energy can be really alarming but it’s actually quite useful. Our passion and aggression will be more muted and calm. Your emotions might feel a bit buried but this doesn’t necessarily mean bad things. Our emotions are just hiding themselves like a period of hibernation. This could cause difficulties as feelings become closed-off and unreachable so make plans to healthily express yourself. 

Mercury, then, enters the Virgo placement August 11. Communication will become a bit more stagnant and simplistic but you can use this to your advantage! This is a great time for serious communication or negotiations, as things feel more orderly. However, be cautious of taking things too seriously here. Don’t overthink things and stress yourself even more. 

August 16, Venus enters the Libra placement bringing happy, lovey-dovey feelings in our relationships. Now there are two ways in which this could go for you so pay attention to what you might be feeling. One might feel extremely connected and excited with all of their relationships. Another might feel overwhelmed by these feelings and detach themselves from the people around them. Overall, don’t let these emotions grip you and take hold of yourself. Just relax and be yourself.  

Uranus goes retrograde August 19. Uranus is our self-sustained planet so this could add a bit of chaos into our lives. Most people won’t be prepared to have such eye-opening emotions suddenly arise. Uranus will want us to see through all of the stress and worries that typically cloud our minds. These issues will dissipate and leave behind the essential struggles of survival. This is the time to think about what you truly think is best for yourself versus what others think is good for you. Make the choices that you want as this could greatly affect your future. 

Virgo season begins August 22. This means business! Virgo energy is known for bringing productivity and motivation in ourselves. During this time, you might want to prepare for school, work or any upcoming projects. You could try new recipes, a new workout routine or wake up earlier. Whatever you think could add some liveliness to your life would fit well here. Remember to not push yourself too hard so as to stress yourself out. Virgo season is all about being your best self. 

August 30, Mercury enters the Libra placement. Communication will continue to feel light-hearted and social. This is the time to make those last-minute summer plans and make yourself feel alive. See some friends or plan a treat yourself day with your bestie. You could even take this energy to communicate with yourself. Journal, paint or find an expressive activity that could reveal underlying emotions. This could help keep yourself level-headed and successful. 

Thank you again to everyone who read my column! I learned so much writing for The Spectator this year and I’m really glad I got this opportunity to share some astrology with you! Make sure you relax this summer and take care of yourself. It’s been a long pandemic and it’s exciting to see things going back to normal. As always, if you have any questions or comments, send them over to me at [email protected]!